YUYA-DON in Starlight Hotel, Ashibetsu City !

by Kazu

Candle Art Festival is to be held in Canadian World of Ashibetsu City this weekend !

Before posting about festival, I would like to introduce an attractive lunch menu in the restaurant "Moonlight" of Starlight Hotel, Ashibetsu City.

Grilled chicken with the soy-sauce-based sauce thickened with flour is on the rice bowl. in such hot summer, it inspires our body ans soul.  
The poached egg called "Onsen Tamago" in Japanese gives the rice bowl a sophisticated sweetness and a twist. Your satisfaction is guaranteed !
Besides, the Candle Art Festival in Canadian World celebrates the 20 anniversary this year.
Seven thousand huge candles are lit on the hills of the park and they makes the drawings on the surface of the hill. Candles are lit by kids. Of course, the fireworks on your heads shake your soul and body as if they falls on your head ! Please visit Canadian World this weekend ! August 3(Sat.), 18:00~.