Green Gables in Ashibetsu City 4 !

by Chis.

Sorry for failing to post the perspectives of the Canadian World in Ashibetsu City.
The Green Gables was so nice place to spend hours on weekends.
So pretty flowers and so many kinds of insects are in the fields and the woods that I recommend kids to have a butterfly net to catch the insect in this park.
Various kinds of pretty flowers can ease the pain of your mind and the wide space like in Canada treat you kind and fill up your heart.
This is the field from the Green Gables to the small town near the pool.
It is like a small small village. Now that the number of bear and deer seem to be increasing in Hokkaido, I hope the park won't become the world of wild animals.
There has been no bear attack in this area so far. It may be difficult to strike the best balance between the wild life and human beings even in Hokkaido.
Actually I saw a deer in this small village. So many agricultural produces are eaten up by the deer in Hokkaido including Sorachi sub-prefectural area.

How can we adjust the number of deer and racoon ?