For the safe future of the coastal area and fishermen!

by Kazu

This is the scenery from the lookout near the Kompira Shrine in Nemuro City. The Northern Territory of Japan can be seen from there.
The statue of Mr. Kahei TAKADAYA stands near the lookout and the shrine. He was a trader and sailor who developed the route from Hokkaido to Kunashiri Island and Etorofu Island. He was born in Awaji Island in the Seto Inland Sea in the western part of Japan.
He established this Shrine, contributed to developing the Northern Territories and Nemuro Area of Hokkaido, solving the conflict between Japan and Russia. He was the pioneer of the northern area of Japan.  

Kompira Shrine in Nemuro City !

by Kazu

A shrine-like building could be seen from the lookout beside Kompira Shrine in Nemuro City. For the safe fishing and cruise of liners, those shrines were established in the coastal area.
This railway station "Higashi Nemuro" is located at the most eastern part of Japan including Hokkaido.
Only several trains stop by at the station in the residential area of Nemuro City. Fortunately or unfortunately, my wife is railway mania and share the photos of the station with the alumni of her high school.


The Third Reunion of "Malama Hawaii Hokkaido 2 !

by Kazu

I might have failed to post The third Reunion of Malama Hawaii Hokkaido held on January 26(Sat.). It was well-organized but the staff members seemed to have tough time for the party.
The MC of the party had to do a hectic amount of work and observe the whole party in that night.
Thanks to her efforts and nice handling of her duty, every participants to the reunion seemed to be enjoying amply with other members. Some were strangers, some were old friends for them.


The Third Reunion of "Malama Hawaii Hokkaido" !

by Kazu

After jogging around and bathing, I took my wife to the beach near the hotel we stayed, Prince Kaiulani Resort. We had to leave Hawaii on that day.
The next day of our arrival in Sapporo, the scenery was gray scale so different from that of Hawaii. Heavy snow was left beside the road.
But the party of Malama Hawaii Hokkaido was thrown in the night and I could be brought back in the atmosphere of Hawaii. I could avoid depression after the happy day-offs in Hawaii.


For the future of Hawaii and Hokkaido 2 !

by Kazu

I have an able counterpart in Department of Education, the State of Hawaii. She was and is so busy but kindly gives us good supports and cooperation with deep consideration.
We really had a beneficial and solid discussion on that day. As a result, four high school students visited Honolulu and exchange with the students of Waipahu High School.
The bright moon could be seen beside the palm leaves early in the morning. My wife is dreaming our long stay in Hawaii in our silver age.


For the future of Hawaii and Hokkaido !

by Kazu

After having lunch, we took photos near Waikiki Beach. Many people were o the beach but I had to leave my wife in the area and head to the venue of the business meeting.
I could not have a nap after lunch. It is very difficult for me to have a winter vacation, so I make a point of involving business meeting in my private jaunt. 

For the future of the young generations of Hawaii and Hokkaido, I joined the business meeting for educational exchange between the regions. Other member of the participants from Hokkaido were in business.


Waikiki in the morning !

by Kazu

Just after the sunrise, I reached the pier from where the Waikiki Beach could be seen so nicely. It would be fine o that day.
Our lunch on that day was hamburger with French fries in the popular hamburger restaurant at the east end of Waikiki Beach. To be honest, I prefer the hamburger that contains diced onion in the pate.
At the east-side counter of the restaurant, we had fabulous and delicious lunch in Waikiki. I am so sorry for forgetting the name of the restaurant but you can find it easily.


Our favorite Hy's Steak House in Waikiki !

by Kazu

Of course, the main dish was T-bone and sirloin steak as well as ・・・・・.
We love the furniture, old books, bookshelves and the atmosphere like in a study.
We celebrated our 26 anniversary of our wedding with our favorite dry and aged beefsteak  and expensive handbag.
We males have to bear the appropriate and heavy burden to make the most of the ability of females, I think.


From the fiends's house to Hy's !

by Kazu

My wife and I had a happy time with our friends in their sweet home. His mam and aunt were so pretty and kindly received us with snacks and drinks.
They were so pleased with my wife's Japanese traditional summer attire called Yukata. They hugged us so tightly before we left their home.
After taking shower and change the clothes, we headed to our favorite steakhouse in Waikiki area, Hy's Steakhouse. The starter was fresh oysters and crisp and juicy cheese toast accompanied as usual.


Waimanalo Beach to Hanauma Bay !

by Kazu

We took photos for the greeting card for the beginning of next year. The border of the sky and the ocean was so clear and very attractive as if hypnotize on us.
At last, we were successful to enter the parking lot of Hanauma Bay. Before getting down to the beach of the bay, we had to watch the video to learn the efforts exerted to preserve the beautiful nature.
The sunshine was much brighter than that in Hokkaido but the wind was so comfortable. We need sun screen in Hawaii to avoid skin aging if we love to romp around in the nature.