Winner of the quiz, July !


 by Kazu

 Dos amigos have sent me the right answer to the quiz of the month in July!
Yes, this place is the entrance of the new wing of TSURUGA Hotel called "WINGS".
Andy's answer reached me at 9:31 a.m. of July 30(Mon.) and  Mrs.Iio's answer reached me at 20:10 in the evening.
So the winner of the quiz is Andy from the United Kingdom!
Congratulations, Andy!
 We have not decided what should be sent to the winner of the month. If any preferences you have, please do not hesitate contact me. Coupon of JCB credit card company is convenient?
I am now planning to set up the virtual shop called Sorachi Bussan Kousha that sells the food, produces and products of Sorachi sub-prefectural area on the Facebook account.
No fee should be paid to post the items and the pertinent URL by the person or companies that was approved as friends. The plan will be kicked around by the companies that run the virtual communities.
Is this a great idea?
The photo above is the terrace of the main restaurant of TSURUGA WINGSand the left is the art object in front of the terrace.
Very comfortable and cosy space were created by TSURUGA Resort Group again. 
 I posted some new articles with photos at this backyard of the hotel. That was the most comfortable experience to do my business on this blog.
 Watching the mountains and Lake Akan, walking along the coast, ample materials are inside and outside the hotel.
This is the gate from the backyard to the hotel. 
Going through the gate, this fountain and water art can be seen at the border of TSURUGA Resort original building and the new annex, TSURUGA WINGS.
Many sculptures and textiles are in each wing of the hotel.
I will show them tomorrow.


Quiz of the month, July: Hint 2

by Kazu

Such kind of sculptures are produced mainly in eastern part of Hokkaido.
Of course, these kinds of sculptures are made in some parts of Hokkaido but the difference of quality or something can be recognized.
I like this sculpture among the ones exhibited in the place ofthe quiz.
The motif is the wing of eagle owls that is called Ezo Shimafukuro.
Again, where is this place?
please send the right answer to

Every furniture is excellent in this place and has a certain taste.

The bench is very similar to the ones that can be seen in the other area of Hokkaido. But the facility is limited.   
This is the entrance of the place.
Have you got it?


Quiz of the month, July:Hint !

 by Kazu

The place has many wooden sculptures made by the indigenous people of Hokkaido, Ainu.
It is very comfortable to stay in the place but the cost for that is a little bit expensive. So day tours to this place are arranged everyday!  Reservation is required to use the place.
This sculpture is at the entrance of the accommodation that has many facilities in Hokkaido.

I am very looking forward to have the quick response on July 30(Mon.)!
Send the right answer to ]


Quiz of the month in July !

by Kazu

Straight to the point, where is this?

Hint 1: One and half hour drive from the city that has the greenhouse showed below will take you to this place.
Hint 2: The greenhouse was introduced in the quiz of the month before.

Please send the right answer to  ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp
and the winner get the present produced in Sorachi sub-prefectural area or coupon worth 3,000 yen. Only the first person who send me the right answer will get the present.
Have a great vacation in Hokkaido!


Waterfall and whiteriver paradise!

by Gen

It will be over 30 degree in Celsius  today! In such a hot summer, Souunkyo area in Kamikawa Town, Kamikawa sub-prefectural area and hiking on the mountains in this area including Mt.Kuro-dake, Mt.Asahi-dake and Mt.Aka-dake are strongly recommended.
This waterfall is called Ginga-no-taki which means galaxy waterfall or Me-daki which means female waterfall while the adjacent waterfall is called O-daki which means male waterfall.
Ginga Waterfall is 120m high and the stream is divided into many lines like strings falling down step by step. 
This waterfall is called Ryusei-no-taki which means shooting star water fall. The straight shape strikes us as the strong power and the water is falling down at a furious pace despite the height of the waterfall is 90m and lower than adjacent female waterfall Galaxy. This area is filled with minus ion of
H2O that refresh our bodies and mind and has many excellent hot spring spa along the river and on the hillside of the mountains.
Evacuate ourselves to the cool area with fun!
Have a nice weekend!  


Sorachi Wine Picnic is held in Iwamizawa!

by Local Policy Planning Department,
    Sorachi Sub-prefectural Office,
    Hokkaido Government

Sorachi  Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government hosts "Sorachi Wine Picnic" on September 8(Sat.), 10:00 am - 15:00 at Iwamizawa Park Rose Garden.
 Address: 794 Shibun-cho, Iwamizawa City
 Cost: 2,200 Yen/person 
 Five kinds of wine made of grapes raised in Sorachi sub-prefectural area and tapas made of food sourced locally will be served in the picnic.
Please buy the ticket to take part in the picnic but the capacity of the tour is 200 persons in maximum.
For the drivers and the people who can not drink in the picnic, grape juice will be served for thirsty throat. Needless to say, the drivers can not drink wine.
Contact: Ticket ARTE Phone: 0126-35-4488
Deaeru Iwamizawa 1F, 1 banchi, Nishi 3-chome,
4-jo, Iwamizawa City
There are many wineries and vineyards in Sorachi sub-prefectural area, such as Tsurunuma winery in Urausu Town, Taiyo Farm in Utashinai City, Kondo Vineyard on the border of Iwamizawa City and Mikasa City, Takizawa Vineyard in Mikasa City, Yamazaki Winery in Mikasa City, Housui Winery, 10R(Toaaru) Winery, Nakazawa Vineyard in Iwamizawa City and Maoi Winery in Naganuma Town.
Each winery produces the quality wine that sometimes is difficult to get. Sommelier Mr.Ikeda will  join the picnic and give a lecture on the wine. Tapas set provided in the picnic is shown in the photo on the right. Free shuttle bus is available between JR Iwamizawa station and the rose garden in Iwamizawa Park.
Ticket for the picnic can be purchased at

Ticket ARTE on the 1st floor of Deaeru Iwamizawa, 1, Nishi 3-Chome, 4-jo, Iwamizawa City

Wine Cafe Veraison in HUG EAT on the 1st floor of TOHO Plaza Building, Nishi(Tanuki-koji) 5-chome, Minami 2-jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City
Phone: 011-233-3950

Petit Lapin: 2-2, 5-2, 2 chome, Honmachi, Takikawa City
   Phone: 0125-23-1477
   11:30-15:00, 18:00-23:00

Lawson Ticket: Ticket selling Machine "Loppi" (L code:12149)

If any question in English, please feel free to contact me at


Sky Park in Takikawa!

 by Alan

Me Gusta! The experience to fly by the glider in Takikawa City may change the sense of value. Only the sound of wind going by the wings made me feel as if I became another kind of creature.
The air crafts are much smaller than I imagined but its light and strong body seems so reliable. 
 Sorachi sub-prefectural area including Takikawa City has a vast flat land that connects Sapporo City and Asahikawa City. Needless to say, the fertile plain was made by Ishikari River, the third longest river in Japan.
I was so impressed by the number of the people enjoying this sky sports in Takikawa City.
I do not like to fly by Cessna because I  had very tough time when I took a Cessna in my optional tour in Grand Canyon, U.S.A. I almost vomited after the flight at that time. But this time, the flight was so comfortable and enjoyed the sight of eagles and hawks!
 It may be curious that the city has "Ocean Center" despite the city does not have the coast. many canoes and kayaks are equipped at this center and the instructors kindly teach how to enjoy riding.
Now that It is high season for canoeing and kayaking, many kids and their parents are there under the strong sunshine. 
These equipments should be cared and brought back to the warehouse.
It is good place for education!
It is getting hot and humid. Becoming a bird of prey in the sky or riding a kayak like an Inuit may cool down  our body and comfortable!


Why was this named "Peperu"?

by Alan

I've been wondering why the spa in Moseushi town was named "Peperu" which sounds like not Japanese but I've got the reason. “PE”(ぺ)means water and “PERU”(ペル)means fountain in the language of indigenous people in Hokkaido, Ainu. The municipality of Moseushi wanted this hot spring spa to be loved by the citizens and visitors forever. The name sounds bright and happy, the clerks of the town thought.
 The design of the spa is very interesting.

Watching the Japanese garden in front of the outside bath, soaking myself in the bath eased the pain and alpha wave in my brain can be recognized.
Open: 10:00~22:00(all the year round)
Individuals/ Adult 500yen Child 250yen (greade school)
                      Under 6 years old : Free of charge
Group/ Adult 400yen Child 200yen (Over 15 persons)
Party Use/ Adult 200yen  Child 100yen
                   (the party charge should be over 2500yen/person)
                    ※ Free of charge in case the party charge is over 3000yen
 This cottages are adjacent to the "Peperu".
families and groups can use these cottages in various kinds of purposes.

8 persons can stay in each cottage.
Friday and the day before holidays:18,000yen
Equipments: Bube-tube, Fridge, microwave oven, rice cooker, utensils and dishes, Japanese style beds
※No spices, Japanese Yukata, Towels and tooth brushes are not equipped.
Very comfortable accommodations, actually!


Only one cent for one square memter, Chippubetsu!

by Kazu

Previously, I've introduced this tower in Chippubetsu Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area but not yet about the rose garden and the countermeasures against the depopulation and the lack of successors for farmers.  
 This town developed a bulk of residential area, making the most of subsidies provided by central government and Hokkaido Government, to offer the cheapest price of real estates to the would-be citizens. The price is only one Japanese yen for on square meter. It is very competitive price in Hokkaido. 
This photo was taken on June 29(Fri.) in the Rose Garden of Chippubebetsu Town. It is a little bit difficult to make ends meet in running this rose  garden but it seems that the citizens may have agreed with the red of roses and the bottom line of the financial report produced every year.  
This photo was taken on July 3(Tue.). The white roses are blooming as if they are queen of the garden. In bookkeeping, being in the red is not preferable but may be more comfortable in this garden.
This photo was taken on July 3(Tue.).  Pink roses are increasing the power.
Chippubetsu Town is welcoming the trainees for running farm in the town as an entrepreneur. Considering the situation of TPP negotiations, it may be tough for farmers to run their farm in Japan. But we need our soul food, " rice "  produced in Hokkaido! Safe food is absolutely required to keep our life and society! 


KENKA MATSURI in Ashibetsu City

by Kazu

After the announcement of 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes and 2 minutes before the time trial of carrying like-a-portable shrine called "YAMAGASA" that weighs one ton, got started.
The festival and the style of the game were introduced from Hakata City on Kyushu Island in southern part of Japan.
This team is composed of the clerks of the municipality and singing a song. Only the first team to carry around the float is allowed to sing the song.

First off, the float is carried around the red flag on the road and starts to go around the town in the time trial.

Each float is carried around the city for approximately twenty minutes and get together around the red flag.

Carrying the float 2 kilo meters is so tough even for the adults that wears the carriers down.

The carriers change again and again on the rotation basis but the leader of each float keeps on riding on the float to supervise the parade.

Everybody is so tired but praises each other and shares the memories with the member s of the team.
At the end of the festival, packed rice cakes are thrown to the citizens and the guests to the festival.
This is the rice cake "Mochi" made of the rice produced locally. It's a pity that we could not spend money while watching the time trial but the view from the stage was so nice. On August 4(Sat.), "the candle art festival" will be held and the details are at   http://www.city.ashibetsu.hokkaido.jp/syokokanko/kankou/kankou/candle_art.html  but the language is in Japanese.