Winner of the quiz, July !


 by Kazu

 Dos amigos have sent me the right answer to the quiz of the month in July!
Yes, this place is the entrance of the new wing of TSURUGA Hotel called "WINGS".
Andy's answer reached me at 9:31 a.m. of July 30(Mon.) and  Mrs.Iio's answer reached me at 20:10 in the evening.
So the winner of the quiz is Andy from the United Kingdom!
Congratulations, Andy!
 We have not decided what should be sent to the winner of the month. If any preferences you have, please do not hesitate contact me. Coupon of JCB credit card company is convenient?
I am now planning to set up the virtual shop called Sorachi Bussan Kousha that sells the food, produces and products of Sorachi sub-prefectural area on the Facebook account.
No fee should be paid to post the items and the pertinent URL by the person or companies that was approved as friends. The plan will be kicked around by the companies that run the virtual communities.
Is this a great idea?
The photo above is the terrace of the main restaurant of TSURUGA WINGSand the left is the art object in front of the terrace.
Very comfortable and cosy space were created by TSURUGA Resort Group again. 
 I posted some new articles with photos at this backyard of the hotel. That was the most comfortable experience to do my business on this blog.
 Watching the mountains and Lake Akan, walking along the coast, ample materials are inside and outside the hotel.
This is the gate from the backyard to the hotel. 
Going through the gate, this fountain and water art can be seen at the border of TSURUGA Resort original building and the new annex, TSURUGA WINGS.
Many sculptures and textiles are in each wing of the hotel.
I will show them tomorrow.

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