What can be savored in Rokka Sansou 3!

by Kazu

Please try the cakes in the hidden restaurant in the forest of Furano City. Believe me ! They refresh you and your beloved so much !
The deck outside of the window had some stools for watching the forest and feel the existence and whispering of the creatures in it.
Have you got the reason why I described it like a tree house ?
The voices of birds and insect caught my year even in my short stay on the deck.

What can be savored in Rokka Sansou 2 !

by Kazu

Fried chicken with sour and sweet sauce and the dumpling  might be the key player of the lunch course. They were so nice and energizing and gave us vibration in the calm woods.  
This is the dish of grilled white asparagus. The real taste of the material can be savored with the salt.
The cake is flavored with Japanese green tea powder called "Maccha"and white cream made of milk produced in this area. The Baum Cohen was the image of the logs of aged trees in the forest.


It was like flames !

by Kazu

This is one of my favorite trees on the premises  of Hokkaido University in autumn. Some years ago, it was damaged by some kinds of disease and did not show the beautiful color like flames.
But it seemed to be sound and keeping enough power this year.


Golden Ginkgo Biloba in Hokkaido University !

by Kazu

It is named "Kinyou-sai" that means "Golden Leaves Festival" in Japanese. The yellow leaves of Ginkgo Biloba was lit up on the premises of Hokkaido University in the night of October 24(Sat.) and 25(Sun.) .  So many citizens and tourists seemed to be contemplating the beauty of the protagonists and their lives.
 The lighting-up started at six thirty, so many visitors who came here before the time after the sun-set might have been discouraged and went to other place to visit.
We were not sure how many people would visited until the end of this show at 21:00 in that night but were sure each of the visitors would bring a camera and post it on their blog or their album before the General Winter rules the island. It snowed on that day but we could enjoyed the beauty ofthe autumnal foliage a little bit more this year.


What can be savored in Rokka Sansou !

by Kazu

All the ingredients of this meal were sourced locally. You would feel the power of the ground of that area, Furano.

Boiled asparagus and beans played the role of the by-player. But only a cup of the asparagus flavored with Mayo must make you so happy in the woods.
The drawings of the mountains at the center part of Hokkaido Island and other interiors make you so comfortable and happy with so calm and sacred-like atmosphere.
Steamed rice with veggies and fried chicken and potatoes flavored with sticky source made of soy-source and bonito broth.


Rokka Sansou !

by Kazu

You need to reserve a table for  meals. It may be difficult to find this restaurant in the forest in the outskirt of Furano City.
The approach to this restaurant was named "The small trail of squirrel peculiar to Hokkaido". That kind of squirrel is called "Ezo Risu" in Japanese.
A curious doll made of ??? and mushrooms welcomed us in front of the hidden restaurant that can accommodate only for families at once. The quality of the cuisine is guaranteed. Please do not swamp to the cozy place. It should be used moderately.


To the Terra Incognita !

by Kazu

Boiled asparagus flavored with olive oil and salt was for 260 Japanese yen at the food stand in the roadside station in Biei Town.
This is the monument of the people who had been living in Chuubetsu, Nokanan and Shihinai Area where is now under the water because Chuubetsu Dam was built. The residents were mainly the immigrants from Shimo-Ina area in Nagano Prefecture.
This is the bridge for walk to the hidden cozy restaurant in the woods. You need to reserve a table to savor the culinary delights made of and from the veggies and meat sourced locally.
To be continued.


Roadside station in Biei Town " 2 !

by Kazu

This is the appearance of the roadside station in Biei Town. What do you think about this design ? Modern ? Authentic ?
The big sheet glasses and the gray metallic wall were moderated by the wood deck in front of the building.
The big sheet glasses and the gray metallic wall were moderated by the wood deck in front of the building. Even the rain fall give them the twist and another countenances.
"Culinary delights"from the veggie fields were also sold in the building. Sweets? Needless o say, they should be the protagonists on the food stage for epicureans, particularly females. Please try them !


Roadside Station in Biei Town !

by Kazu

Precisely speaking, this is not so-called roadside station but in this building of modern design, a variety of quality veggies and crops were sold as well as the culinary delights.
Green, white and violet asparagus were alluring many tourists in the station. The design of the building was so simple but made the most of the sunshine with the large sheet glasses of the windows.
Without any lighting, the displays were so attractive with the quality foods and drinks. Flower displays were also nice in the facility. Would you try the snacks on the table ?


Hakuginsou at the foot of Mt.Tokachi(dake) 2 !

by Kazu

This is the hot spring bath for males. Inside is also huge, considering the capacity of the accommodation. SO many trekkers swamp to this facility every year, particularly from May to October.
The quality of the hot spring is so nice and the same kind of quality can be experienced near this hot spring bath. A hot spring geyser  called "Fukiage-Onsen"is near the area. Some camping cars are in the parking lot every year.
The hillside was covered with the white fog in the morning but the temperature was not so cold. It was so nice and comfortable to dive into the hot spring bath after the jogging in the rain. Yes, this was what my body needed !


Hakuginsou at the foot of Mt. Tokachi(dake) !

by Kazu

The accommodations at the foot of Mt. Tokachi(dake) named "Hakuginsou"has a variety of hot spring bath tub on its premises. The hot spring for play named "Asobi-no-yu"is between the outside hot spring spa for male and female.
 The couples can soak their bodies in the bath but they have to wear the swimming gears.
This is the small water slider and the pool under the slide. I've never seen the kids enjoying this slide so far. Is it mainly for adults?