Rest on the snow !

by Kazu

It was so cool and comfortable on the snow left on the eastern hillside of Mt. Asahi(dake).
The trail connecting the peaks was much tougher and steeper than we expected before stepping in the trail.
 Another crater could be seen from the hillside we stood. It was nearer than the peak of Mt. Kuro(dake) and we felt like to reach the crater but my wife was a little too tired, considering going down to the station of the lift.
 Brave and skilled trekkers were heading to Mt. Kuro(dake).
 A cool and humid wind went through us and tempted us to step ahead a little bit more.
The western hillside seemed to be steeper than the place we stood.
 My hair was getting more dangerous than before. It needs head massage everyday.

My wife was also dangerous with her patience and energy at that moment.
She got convinced that more trekking to Mt. Kuro(dake) was dangerous for her but we had to go up the steep hillside to the peak of Mt. Asahi(dake) again and that required making up our mind and a sip of water.

Get over the peak of Mt. Asahi(dake) !

by Kazu

It took approximately two hours to reach the peak of Mt.Asahi(dake) from the station of the lift.
 Other peaks in the deities' garden could be seen clearly and the magnificent scenery tempted us to step in the path to the other peak.
This monument was on the peak.
We headed to the area covered with snow but the approach was so tough just before arriving the world of white.
The peak of Mt. Kuro(dake) could be seen and it seemed to be so easy to reach there.
 After going down the ragged,  rocky and unstable trail, we felt the cold air below zero in Celsius.
I perspired much more than the last time we reached the peak and I should have more drink than before on the day.
The cold air was so comfortable but we decided to go back to the peak after having taken pictures.


One tenth to the peak and ・・・!

by Kazu

First of all, I would like to express my sincere condolences for the families who lost their be-loved due to the eruption of Mt. Ontake(san) in Nagano Prefecture. Thirty one people died of lack of oxygen or the heat of the burning air from the crater.
What they wanted to see and feel was such magnificent marvelous scenery from the peak.
We went through the altitude of clouds and felt like worlds away from usual lives.
 The peak of the mountain was over the rock. A little bit more to the peak.
Almost no plants were seen at the altitude. It is lower than the mountains in the main island of Japan but Hokkaido is northern end of Japan and cold, the border of flora is at much more lower altitude.  
No smell of sulfur could be felt on this level. Just cold comfortable winds went through our cheeks and gave us the additional power.
The clouds went up to the peak with us.
The eyesight was much better than the last time we stood on the peak. Other peaks of the deities garden could be seen clearly on the day.
We had lunch and peaked out to the opposite side a little bit. There was ・・・.
To be continued.


Four Fifth on the path !

by Kazu

My wife looked a little bit tired but the scenery from the hillside of Mt. Asahi(dake) gave her the second wing to reach the peak.
 On the left hand side of the path was so steep to the crate yawned below us.
Only one fifth of the course was left at the altitude of 2000 meters.

 The color of my pant got dark with my sweat. Besides, the peak of the mountain belongs to Higashikawa Town.
The station of the lift looked on the lower level from the point where we had the last rest before conquering the peak.  
The level we stood was the border of the blue sky and the green garden.
To be continued.


Thirty minutes passed !

by Chis.

If I had enough power to hop the peaks of the mountains in Daisetsu area, I would step in the route from the peak of Mt. Asahi(dake) to Mt. Kuro(dake).
 Last time I stood on the peak of Mt. Asahi(dake) I was so tempted to go down the path that connected the two peaks covered with snow because it seemed to be easy to reach the peak of Mt. Kuro(dake)  from that of Mt. Asahi(dake) through the path.
Compared to the smoke from the Mt. Sulfur in the eastern part of Hokkaido, the smell of sulfur on the path was not so strong in this area.
 Now, autumnal colors of beautiful red, yellow and brown are covering this highland.
I have never seen brown bears on this highland but everybody should have the bell to avoid bear attack on the highland.
They eat the buds of grasses on the highland.
I am nit sure if they also eat the flowers or not but they also are experiencing the toughest situation than ever because of greenhouse effect.  
These plants surviving on the highland might be conquered by the species living on the plain.
It might be tough for me to reach the peak because it was a little bit to hot than before and that situation required much water.
Have a nice weekend !


Twenty minutes passed !

by Chis.

I think that this was the best condition to approach the peak of Mt. Asahi(dake).
 Different from the last time we reached the peak of the mountain, flabbergasting magnificent landscape of the deities' garden on the highland would be seen from the peak.

"Sugatami-no-ike" that means the pond reflecting yourself was also reflecting the skyline of the mountain.
 This round trekking course beside the station of the lift is so popular to stroll. It is approximately 3.2 km to go around.
The house seen over the lookout is for evacuation. Unfortunately, some people passed away around this area. To ease the pain of the passers-by, one bell was set in this area. many visitors ring the bell but I prefer the silence in the deities' garden.  

 So attractive trekking courses were shown on the map but conquering the several peaks in the highland garden must require the power and guts even to the females, I think.