Before heading to the peak of Mt. Asahi(dake) ② !

by Chis.

Before getting on the gondola to the starting point of trekking, I walked around the station of the rope way.
There were some automobiles with caterpillar for taking off snow.  
Going on the hillside of the mountain covered with soft powder snow requires wide caterpillar not to sink in the snow.
The highland moor is called "Yukomanbetsu".
It was fine but the peaks were slightly covered with the veal of haze.
Imagining the happy evening in the next hotel Bear Mont after going down from the peak of Mt. Asahi(dake), we packed the items necessary for the attack to the peak.
 I love to stay in La Vista Daisetsuzan or Bear Mont on the hillside even in winter but we might have to try other accommodations in the neighbors.
These were two of those accommodations we might have to try. Hotel "Shirakaba-so" is the namesake of birch surrounding the hotel. I am not sure if my conservative hubby would accept such proposal even if that would be made by myself or not.  

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