Viva La Vista again !

by Chis.

A variety of the photos of "Buena Vista"were displayed on the way to the spa on the second floor. I think they were different from that displayed before but I am not sure.
 Whenever I indulge in watching the photos of beautiful scenery in Daisetsu area displayed in La Vista Asahidake, my hubby says " A penny for your thoughts."
 I've never seen such field mustard on the hillside of Daisetsu mountainous area but the scenery was shown  in the photos. It is not the drawing of the scenery.

 The hotel group "Dormy Inn " including "La Vista" provides "the Special Hour" for the guests in the night.
This is what the hotel group provides the guests from 21:30 to 11:00 on the ground floor..
It is called "Yonaki-Soba". Before, ramen noodle soup seller strolled around the residential area in the night, alluring people with the sound of " puhparh!"

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