Dreaming comfy rest in the hotel !

by Kazu

I was remembering the hot spring spa in Hotel La Vista Daisetsuzan while stepping in the garden of deities on the highland.
The sculpture of owl was what I remembered first.
The huge striped owl have been considered one of the greatest deities in Hokkaido by the indigenous people Ainu.
 Outside of the entrance to the bathrooms, there was a kind of delights for kids and adults.
"Yuagari Ice Candy" was waiting for us soaked in the hot bath for a while.

 All is white outside of the window in winter. Even in winter these ice candy was set there.
These are small bathes for couples or families that I posted their night version.
 Each of these small bathrooms was so cozy without caring other group.Please turn the wooden sign outside and show that you are in the bathroom.

Please do not use these space for making love. They are the public spaces.
The name is "Kuma-no-yu" that means Bear's Bath in Japanese.

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