Massachusetts Hokkaido Association !

by Kazu

The president of Massachusetts Hokkaido Association Ms. Kiyoko MORITA visited us to discuss the future plan for the exchange between Hokkaido and Massachusetts. She has contributed to the Sister-state relationship between Hokkaido and Massachusetts so much.
The members of the association are getting older and it may be tough to find her successor in Massachusetts but we have to run as long as we can to maintain the special relationship between the region, making the connection of the youths.


Friend from Tasmania !

by Kazu

The special adviser to the Prime Minister of Tasmania Mr. Troy Crystal visited Sapporo again and paid a courtesy call to Vice Governor of Hokkaido Mr. Nakano to hand the letter from Tasmanian Prime Minister. 
The direct flight between Sydney and New Chitose International Airport will be in service in coming December. The new Governor of Hokkaido Mr. Naomichi Suzuki was invite to Tasmania.
Akkeshi Town in Hokkaido and Clarence in Tasmania have already established a Sister-city relationship after the whaling ship of Tasmania was wrecked offshore of Akkeshi Town. Have you ever heard of the story ? Single-seed oyster raising was introduced from Tasmania to Akkeshi.


The Reception to celebrate re-opening of the Honorary Consolate of Lithuania!

by Kazu

His Excellency Mr. Gediminas Varvuolis Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania paid a courtesy call on Secretary General to the Governor of Hokkaido with his predecessor Mr. Cudis.
He also attended to the reception to celebrate the reopening of the Honorary Consulate of Lithuania in Sapporo and delivered the words of appreciation.
The Honorary Consuls and Consuls General of other countries were invited to the reception as well as the top brasses of private companies in a variety of area. The New CEO of Fujii Building Company started to play the role.


Hokkaido-Vietnam Exchange Association 2!

by Kazu

Vietnamese international students kindly gave us their beautiful performance of songs and dance in the reception. Their traditional attires reminded me of their diligence and honesty.
The new Vice Governor of Hokkaido Mr. Nakano delivered a congratulatory words after the Chair of the association delivered the words of appreciation.


Hokkaido-Vietnam Exchange Association !

by Kazu

It was the first time for me to take part in the reception hosted by Hokkaido-Vietnam Exchange Association. Former Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, Cabinet Secretary Mr. Tsutomu TAKEBE deliver the opening speech as the President of the Association.
As he had to leave Sapporo for his flight to Tokyo, he delivered the opening speech albeit originally his speech was planned to be delivered at the third place. The Chair of the Association followed him.


Educational Exchange with New Zealand !

by Kazu

A wonderful messenger from the educational authority of New Zealand visited Sapporo and had a solid hours with the staff members of Hokkaido Board of Education who in charge of educational exchange. The timing of her visit was the best to discuss the educational future exchange between New Zealand and Hokkaido.
New Zealand seems to be used to receive international exchange and furthermore, has high degrees of skill to do that.
We are so looking forward to send and receive students between Hokkaido and New Zealand.
She was so nice wind from Tokyo !   
Last but not least, I really appreciate the efforts exerted by Hokkaido BOE to enhance the international educational exchange of Hokkaido. In particular, special thanks to Mr. Takayuki IMAMURA, the real leader of Hokkaido education !


The Honorary Consolate of Lithuania in Sapporo3!

by Kazu

This is the office of Honorary Consulate of Lithuania. It is in the Headquarters office of Fujii Building Company near  Nishi 11-chome subway station in Sapporo.
His Excellency Mr. Gediminas Varvuolis Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania attended the ceremony to hand Mr. Fujii the certificate and give him the words of appreciation.
This Honorary Consulate was originally opened when his father was designated as the first Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Sapporo. It seemed that it took a little bit longer than expected to process the domestic procedure in Lithuania. So the office was closed for a while before this reopening.