Cozy room in Jouzankei Onsen " Hotel Shikanoyu Hanamomiji" !

by Kazu

This is the hot spring bathroom in the guestroom of Jouzankei Onsen "Hotel Shikanoyu" in Sapporo City. It may be good for the people who are not used to the public bath.
Even for the people from overseas can enjoy their stay in such a room. The quality of the hot spring water of this hotel is so nice and fresh from the hot spring resource.
Some of the hot spring spa in Japan use the hot spring water with the refining and circulation system to make the most of the effect of the ingredients in the hot spring water.


Jouzankei Onsen Hotel Shikanoyu Hanamomiji !

 by Kazu

Wouldn't you like to stay in such typical a room of the hotel with hot spring spa and culinary delights ? The atmosphere is so called Japanese-Japanese.
This cozy Japanese-style room is one of the most luxurious suites in Jouzankei Onsen "Hotel Shikanoyu" at the southern end of Sapporo City.

The smell of Igusa plants that makes Japanese of Tatami mat in the room gives us physical and mental relaxation. Please try the hotel. Believe me.


Hokkaido Tour for Diplomats to Japan !

 by Kazu

Japanese Sake Brewery "Tanaka Shuzo" in Otaru must be the best place to visit for the tourists from overseas to learn the culture, customs and history in Japan.
  The culture to make alcohol may be common for more than half of the human beings on this globe. Various kinds of tastefulness of alcohol were invented in the history of human beings.
A variety of sake can be savored with the culinary delights made of high-quality food materials sourced locally in this blessed island Hokkaido there. The name of the place is "Jouzankei Onsen Hotel Shikanoyu Hanamomiji "in Sapporo. 


Japanese Sake Brewery "Tanaka Shuzo" in Otaru 2 !

by Kazu

The kind of rice crop to make sake is different from the ones for normal meal. They must be polished up to cut off their fat and protein to make high-quality Japanese sake. Approximately 70% of each rice crop should be taken off by polishing machine little by little to avoid heating up and changing the quality of the rice crops.
The fat and protein of the rice lead to bitterness and distastefulness.
Steamed rice and clear water are put in the tank made of stainless steel nowadays but wooden tank had been used before.
It takes 30 days to make unrefined Japanese in the tank. Too fast fermentation is dangerous to make quality Japanese sake, so the temperature is completely controlled in the room.

 Sake brewing masters stir the unrefined sake with the long stirring rod sometimes. Sake brewing had been done only in winter because controlling temperature was impossible in other season.When wooden tanks were used for fermentation in winter, snow was used to cool down the tank and to avoid too fast fermentation.But now that temperature control is easier than before, sake brewing is being done all the year round.

But now that temperature control is easier than before, sake brewing is being done all the year round. We can savor the quality Japanese sake fresh from the tank all the year round. Different from whisky, it doesn't have to be laid down in the wooden warehouse. Freshness is crucial and keeping the appropriate temperature is crucial for our happiness to savor quality sake. 


Japanese sake Brewery "Tanaka Shuzo" in Otaru 3 !

by Kazu

Above is the room for fermentation to make Japanese sake and on the left is for making wine from blue berry, prune and apple made in the adjacent towns Niki and Yoichi.
 Approximately forty Japanese sake breweries had been in operation when a bunch of fish herring had swamped to the coast of Otaru for spawning.
The building of the brewery made of stone blocks had been used as warehouses by a trader family  "The Okazakis".  It was built on the cape but the surrounding ocean was filled up with soil. Yes, The surrounding area is the land reclaimed from the sea.


Friends from Australia !

by Kazu

Today, a representative of Tasmania, Australia paid a courtesy call on Secretary General of Governor's Office, Hokkaido Government. The island of Tasmania is located at 43 degrees south latitude. Hokkaido is located at 43 degrees north latitude. Two islands may be able to establish a special relationship with each other. Active exchange in private sectors should be required for the better relationship between the regions.
Akkeshi town has already established a sister-city relationship with a town in Tasmania, Clarence. More than one hundred years ago, a ship was wrecked off shore of Akkeshi Town near Kushiro City. Citizens of the town rescued the crew of the ship. It is the beginning of the relationship of the municipalities.
What will start from now ?


I did not know that!

by Kazu

Even in Hokkaido, the movie film of the story of Mr. Farrokh Bulsara was shown as a road show. Do you know him ? You know him absolutely. His another name was Freddie Mercury. I did not know that he got married with a female.