The island linked to the bigger island !

by Kazu

The island "Kamome-jima"
is connected with the old town of Esashi by this narrow sand beach reinforced with ferro-concrete. The island continued to be carved by the winds and waves.

The hard part of the island is left but the waves and the winds from northwest hit the surface of the island again and again.
As time goes by, this scenery will change but i am wondering this photo will continue to exist in the cyber space for good or not.


Is this a kind of gardening ?

by Kazu

It can be said that the island "Kamomejima" is the only place from where the island Hokkaido can be seen from this higher and closer angle than from the ships offshore.
Walking on the island is so comfortable but in winter, almost nobody goes to the island except for figures like me.
The trail seemed to be well-maintained. From the top of the cliff, the seabed and some artificial crafts could be seen from there. The blue color of the ocean was so beautiful but it is because of lack of nutrition and mineral in the area.


From sea to sea of the island !

 by Kazu

It seemed that the trail on the island had been well-developed after I left the town 25 years ago. I really enjoy my exploring on the island for the first time.
 It was so nice and warm on that day but the wind from the ocean was a
little bit strong.
I had a itchy feet to dive into the sea when I visited the town but this time, I took care of them. Ocean, I love above the water.


Exploring the island !

 by Kazu

I walked around on the island " Kamomejima" in Esashi Town so many times during my mandate in the town 25 years ago but I have never done such research on the island before.
 The opposite side of the island was still being carved by the strong wind and waves from the northwest, particularly in winter.
The waterfront of the island facing thre Northwest is called "Senjojiki" that means the width of the flat rock. It is so nice fishing point in the town.


The Island on the Sea of JAPAN !

by Kazu

It was so comfortable and energizing to walk around on the island"Kamome-jima"  in Esashi Town, ancient capital city of Hokkaido Island.
 The ship museum called "Kaiyo-maru" which original ship had been built up with a Ferro-concrete  but it was so for myself.
It was so calm on the beach in the season but it might be so called because the Government Officer .
We are heading to the pier of the island.


Walking around on the island !

by Kazu

The green field on the island "Kamome-jima" in Esashi Town is also the camping site but I have never seen campers there.
 It may be too tough to set up a tent there because of strong wind blowing on the island sometimes but some people enjoy BBQ on the island.
In summer, some tourists set up tents on the beach of the island and stay but the site on the beach is so limited for campers. I will try to set up my  tent in this area and stay not-so-distanced future.  


Kamome-jima in Esashi Town 2 !

by Kazu

From the green field of the island, you can get the perspective of Esashi Town. The green field is camping site and it has a restroom.
Little white daisy flowers were blooming subtly.  
This is the restroom on the island, particularly for campers. The image is the old house of fishermen. White daisy flowers were blooming around the facility. The density is much more than other area but I am not sure the reason.
Yo can see the coastline from Esashi Town to Kaminokuni Town adjacent to Esash. It is so windy in winter but is so comfortable on that day.