Next morning in Hakodate City !

by Kazu

I am so sorry for posting the photos of same place I jogged around every year but it is so comfortable, energizing and refreshing to jog around the bay area and the foot of Mt. Hakodate in the morning.
I can encounter the statues around the bay area that may be new one for me even now. The wind from the ocean went through the hill so softly on that day.
That contained the smell of flowers and of course, the ocean. Many signs of historical explanation of each area, building and statue were here and there in the old town.


Feast in Hakodate-yama Izakaya !

by Kazu

Have you eve ordered "Buta-kushi" ? It is skewered sliced pork belly grilled with leek. It is one of our favorites on this globe as well as block pork belly boiled with broth, soy sauce and special spices.  
Pali-san ! There are a variety of recipes even in Hokkaido and this is different from the one we had in "Shinshu-an",buckwheat noodle soup restaurant chain in Hokkaido.
The sliced leek offsets the smell of the boiled intestine. To be honest, I prefer the one, "Motsuni" cooked by my father and mother in law. At this moment, no recipe was handed to my wife but I was convinced that my parents in law used ketchup to make their own one.


Do you remember Hakodate Bistro HAKODATE-yama ?

by Kazu

I was strolling around the old town in Hakodate City because my wife was a little bit too tired and needed to dive into the bed of our room in Hotel Pako.
To be honest, I had not valued enough the hotel before we stayed in that night unexpectedly but we will stay there again and again in the fiture.
My lonely supper started with beef intestine boiled with dried and fermented bonito broth with a pint of beer. I went to Hakodate City to pick up my wife who could not take the flight schedule beforehand. As a result, she took the bullet train for the rendez vous.


Hakodate City under the moon !

by Kazu

The beautiful and shining moon was a little bit too bright for taking the photo but it means lack of my skill to take such night landscape, I think.
The moonlight was reflected on the surface of the ocean and gave us the feeling of loneliness and beauty to fight against the uphill battles.
 I am so sorry for failing to adjust the exposure to take photos but my view was like this in that night. The souls of deceased showed me something different in the city.


Viva Hakodate City 2 !

by Kazu

Should I post a comment with these photos ?
This is the scenery you can savor enough from the top of Mt. Hakodate. You can use the bus to reach the summit
So many tourists and citizens were having happy time seeing the scenery from this lookout and in the lights of the city.
Binge drinking in the city may bring you happy hours but jogging around in this port city is strongly recommended. Savor enough the culinary delights sipping amazing Hokkaido sake but if you could save the amount, wonderful morning strolling would fascinate you extremely, I think.

Hakodate City in the night !

 by Kazu

Let's call it a day. The silhouette of Shimokita Peninsula of Aomori Prefecture was disappearing in the darkness. The light of lives emerged near the sea level.
The night scenery of Hakodate City is said to be one of the three most beautiful ones. The first map maker of Japan Mr. Tadataka INOU started off his geographical research here.
The island of Mt. Hakodate had bee connected with the main island of Hokkaido thousands of years ago. Every time I visit Hakodate City, it show us the very best of the scenery in the night.


Yachigashira Area in Hakodate City !

 by Kazu

I jogged to the foot of Mt. Hakodate, the residential area of the City. My father had lived there thirty years ago and I visited him several times during his mandate in the city.
This is the intersection and the tram station in Yachigashira Area. It was so-called magic hour of sunset. Yachigashira Area was in the shade made by Mt. Hakodate.
The clouds turned violet reflecting the red color of sunset on the west. The strait Tsugaru was still calm on that day.  The silhouette of Aomori Peninsula could be seen.