Satisfied ?

by Kazu

My wife seemed to be so satisfied with her accomplishment to reach the peak of Mt. Tokachi-dake.
 I was also  satisfied with her smile as her sherpa for that trekking.
The view from the peak was not clear but I was so happy to see my wife smiling and eating rice ball on the peak of the mountain.


Reached !

by Kazu

At last, we reached to the peak of Mt. Tokachi-dake. The magnificent scenery from the peak could not be seen bu anyway, we conquer the summit.

 It might be better for my wife to climb in the cloud  because too clear view might have scared her so much.
 Sometimes my wife wept and gave up to reach the peak of mountains. Even if she did not give up, she wept, scared by the scenery from the highlands. I did not expect her decision to head to another peak on that highland at that moment.


Sacred Area of the Highland !

by Kazu

Again, this place is not on Mars. My wife and I were getting closer to the peak of Mt. Tokachi-dake.
There was no buds of plants there, so no brown bears could not be seen around the peak.
I was wondering if the place would be covered with green of plants in the future or not. It seemed to be tough for creatures live on the ground of sulfur.

Steep hillside near the peak !

by Kazu

The slope of the hillside was getting steeper gradually and the rocks on the hillside were getting bigger as we stepped forward and upward.
It seemed that the trail became switch-back style because of the steep hillside.
Other trekkers could be seen on the skyline of the mountain. The number of the trekkers near the peak was much bigger than the lower area.


Layers appeared !

 by Kazu

 An active fault line and the cross section appeared in front of us on the trail to the peak of Mt. Tokachidake.
 It showed the years and the times of eruption of the volcano like the wrinkles on my face.
 Without sincere effort to reach the peak and respects to the deities on the highland, this scenery could not be seen in usual life on the plain.


Above the cloud !

by Kazu

The surface of the snow valley on the hillside of Mt. Tokachidake was like in the fridge but that is very comfortable for us.
Wouldn't you like to see such scenery near the peak of the mountain? No bears could not be seen this barren hillside.
It might be safe for trekkers to walk around this area in a sense if the earthquake and eruption can not occur.


Tired ?

by Kazu

It was not so hot on that day and we were protected by the veil of the fog from the sunshine, we could save enough vim and vigor that time.
 My wife seemed to have enough intestinal fortitude to reach the peak. We could also save enough water to drink.I was convinced that we would be able to reach the peak. I seemed tired ? I did not expect to go around the highland after conquering the peak of Mt. Yokachidake.