Fairy !

by Kazu

Suddenly, here came a pretty Japanese fairy with Japanese traditional attire for summer called "Yukata" and did "Bon Dance"performance.
She was so cute and pretty that the members of the Canadian National Curling Team were grabbed their heart.
She continued to dance in front of us for a while. That might be the best attraction for Canadian team during their stay in Sapporo. So lucky and thanks God !


As a memento of the sister-state affiliation between Hokkaido and Alberta, Canada!

 by Kazu

My wife and I took photos with the National Curling team from Alberta. It was a splendid and comfortable night at  the beginning of August.
 It was so nice a memory for us. Every curlers were so nice to be with and they energized and inspired us so much.
 One of the lucky guys who were kissed by the athletes joined us at the end of photo session.


Go berserk 2 !

by Kazu

The lucky guy who got the sign of the athletes also got the kiss of the National Curling Team of Canada from Alberta.
 It might be the symbol of the long-lasting, stable and beneficial relationship between Alberta and Hokkaido.
It has been 38 years since the governors signed the agreement to establish a sister-state affiliation between Hokkaido Alberta.                                                                                                                     


Go berserk !

by Kazu

One of the gentlemen who were enjoying binge drinking at  the next table to ours was caught and urged to join the photo taking.
To be honest, I was worrying about the friendly representatives from Calgary. She was so high during the dinner and kissed around at the venue.The lucky guys kissed by one of the Albertan curlers got the sign of the athletes. I hope they keep it as a memento of the visit of the sister-state in Canada.


Alberta-Hokkaido Bond !

by Kazu

That was one of my happiest hour in my life. Our friends from Alberta seemed to be enjoying Jingiskan BBQ under the blue sky.
 They could relaxed so much even after the harsh head-to-head battle of curling. Open-air space for dinner might work out so much.
 My wife joined the dinner and our friend never move from the seat next to my wife.


Let's get the party started !

By Kazu

Before the final curling games, the curlers, the coach and the delegation head from Alberta, Canada beefed up themselves with Jingiskan pot BBQ.
Precisely speaking, the meat was not beef but lamb. The open-air site was so nice with beautiful blue sky and comfy winds.
Again, they were the National female curling team from Alberta. They seemed to  really relax and enjoy the cuisine and the atmosphere of Sapporo Beer Park. o that day.


Alberta, Alberta, Alberta !

by Kazu

All the curlers who participated to Hokkaido Bank Curling Classic 2016 got together on the ice.
I have to say that the bronze medalist curlers from Hokkaido, Japan of the last Olympic Games held in Korea were inspired and stimulated in this event.
They might have been handed down the tips and fighting spirits from the Canadian National team from Alberta.