Eager to see the peak !

by Kazu

We had to go across the snow to reach the peak of Mt. Tokachidake. No flower could not be seen on the upper hillside of the mountain.
It was getting cold but our bodies were still hot on the trail. The barren scenery could be seen by only the trekkers who stepped forward to this area.
Even at the beginning of June, such white snow were here and there on the hillside, particularly in the small crack and valley.


A little bit more !

by Kazu

My wife and I went through the cloud vertically and reached the garden of the deities of Mt. Tokachi-dake.
It was at the beginning of August but the snow was left in the valley. The scenery was that of the movie film "Mission to Mars".
No plant was there on the surface of the hillside near the peak of Mt. Tokachi-dake. The skyline was getting closer to us.


Love is over the fog !

by Kazu

The vision was not clear. It was as if we were in the world of dream on the hillside of Mt. Tokachidake. I thought I had to bring my wife to the place from where we could  see the spectacular.
 The scenery was like in unconsciousness but we savor enough the air of the highland. The direction to the peak was obvious.
We were not sure to what extent we had reached. The sleepy hollow in the lower area could not be seen any more. We were eager to get out of the cloud. 


The scenery was getting vague !

by Kazu

The white cloud seemed to make a vague scenery and the photos were not clear. The sound of winds passing by on the trail  made us in the mood.
 Violet flowers were blooming subtly on the ground. These highland plants tend to grow big on the lower area.
The leader of our party, my wife seemed to be full of vim and vigor. I had to keep my fingers and toes crossed.                                                                                                                                                                       


Over the clouds !

 by KAZU

The clouds on the hillside were moving down to the lower area on the hillside of Mt. Tokachidake.
 The underworld could be seen far away under the cloud. It was not so cold. We were convinced that we would be able to reach the peak.
 Yes, we had enough time and power to attack the peak of Mt. Tokachidake. Barren hillside of the mountain seemed to have  reminded  us of the promise made with a friend in Heilongjiang


Around the Lodge !

 by Kazu

The rocks around the lodge seemed to be colored red. They might contained iron in them.
 There were a variety of equipment in the lodge. Just in case of disaster, trekkers may be helped with these equipment, I think.
 Little flowers were blooming subtly around the lodge. The yellow and white colors of the highland plants were so nice to see when we felt tired on the trail.


Lodge for evacuation !

by Kazu

We are entering the rocky hillside in the cloud. We found a lodge for evacuation. It doesn't work in case of eruption but to avoid heavy rain, it helps us.
 I don't like to stay in such small lodge but in case of heavy rainfall, we may have to wait in the narrow space.
This is the inside of the lodge. Many helmets were on the wall. In case of eruption, these helmets are the must on the hillside.