Longing for the season of flowers !

by Kazu

I felt like as if I owned a beautiful garden on my premises but it must be so expensive to keep such kind of beautiful scenery for a person.
 Just after coming back from our jaunt to Hakodate City, cherry blossoms got started to bloom in Sapporo City. The pale pink colors ease the pain of our mind so nicely.
I hope that the cherry blossoms around the park will be blooming this year .


Is this a kind of oasis ?

by Kazu

We found a bunch of small flowers with very thin stems in the shade of a rock. The flowers were subtly insisting their value and beauty.
We can find a variety of beauty in our life if we open our mind and can interested in the existence other than ourselves.
Even if you are not interested in such kind of scenery, your important person may fall in love with the beauty of nature. You may fall in love with the countenances of the person satisfied with the beauty, I think.


Strolling around the peak of Mt. Esan !

by Kazu

If we could have enough time to stay there, we could enjoy enough the typical seasonal scenery from the peak of Mt. Esan, looking around the world.
Needless to say, there was no restroom on top the mountain. We should be calm in the sacred area and thank enough to the deities for allowing us to enter the area, I believe.
With so much perspiration, we did not want to piss in the sacred area. But we should go back to the world of ordinal people in the lower area.


So did I !

 by Kazu

My wife seemed to be so satisfied with her accomplishment. Every time we enjoy trekking and go up to the peak of mountains, I have to play the role of sherpa and carry bottles of water and juice for my wife to reduce the burden she has to shoulder.  
The gate to the shrine called "Torii" could be seen on the southern part of the peak. It is the sacred area for the people living around the mountain.
The highland may be easy to reach, I think. The lava rocks were very hard and ragged even hundreds of years after the eruption.


612.07 meters high !

by Kazu

We reached the peak of Mt. Esan. It was so easy to reach the peak but under the sunshine and with the reflection from the ground, it is much tougher to stroll around on the barren hillside. The height of the mountain is not so much but this is a must to visit when you drop by Hakodate City.
The horizon was vague and the border of the sky and the ocean was blurred on that day.
My wife seemed to be so satisfied but she sometimes weep when she goes through narrow trail on the cliff. I love to see her scared and encourage her to be brave.


Peak of Mt. Esan !

 by Kazu

We reached to the peak of Mt. Esan. It seemed that the peak of Mt. Esan was starting be covered with green. Rainfall might have taken away the sulfur on the top.
 Some trekkers were savoring their accomplishment at the sign of the peak. We did not have enough time to have lunch there but we should savor the scenery enough from the peak.
Something like a gate of shrine could be seen on the peak. Everybody who reached the summit seemed to worship the small shrine.


At last !

by Kazu

I am not sure if a big eruption occurred many years ago or just a rising magma made up this mountain. The black lava stones were ragged and had edges. Please be careful and if possible, put grabs on your hands.  
The coastline to Hakodate City could be seen from the southern hillside of Mt. Esan. It was a little but too early to see the flowers of Azalea fully flourishing.
People in the southern part of Hokkaido can see beautiful cherry blossoms earlier than the ones in other part of Hokkaido. We are now waiting for the season of flowers after the long winter.