Into the cloud !

by Kazu

We are entering another world on this globe.It seemed that the hillside were objecting the plants growing on its surface.
The sulfur gas and the temperature of the ground kept plants from flourishing on the surface.
The sleepy hollow Kamifurano was getting far away from us and the white cloud could be seen below. This is the entrance to the area of the deities.


Stepping into another world on this island !

 by Kazu

I was not smashed on that day but it seemed that some parts of the ground erupted steam here and there.

 After the ground on this globe was made, such scenery had been able to seen at a certain point of the time, I think.
 I did not know what
my leader of the party, I mean my wife, was thinking of at that moment but she seemed to have enough intestinal fortitude and power to attack the peak. 


The Leader of the party !

by Kazu

Steadily, we were heading to the peak of Mt. Tokachidake on that day. So far, no time loss occurred. The visibility was so so.
Soon we could not see the green grass nor moss on the rocks of the trail. "Barren" hillside spread in front of us. Completely, the scenery was different from that we had been used to.
Between the clouds, a little bit blue sky appeared. We hoped that the marvelous scenery would be seen from the peak of Mt. Tokachidake on that day.


As a Shelpa !

 by  Kazu

It might be so rewarding to see such scenery on the highland while we were gasping and stepping forward to the peak.
 The sulfur and its comparatively high temperature  in the ground might keep the green plants away from growing up and turning the scenery. 
I had to serve to the leader of our party, I mean my wife, as a shelpa who were taking care of the leader. The leader seemed to have no intestinal fortitude usually. What would happen there ?


On the highland !

by Kazu

I've never been to Planet Mars but if it has such green, human beings may be able to make their dream come true in the not\so\distanced future, I think.
The rocky hillside of Mt. Tokachidake had the trace of its lava flow that occurred many years ago.
We stepped forward the way on which the lava had gone through but the direction was different, to the crater from the hillside.


The Trail splitting..

by Kazu

The hillside was still mild from the "Bougakudai" side. So many tourists  seemed to have strolled around this area.
The sleepy hollow Kamifurano Town appeared over the rocks of the trail. A veggie field could be seen far away.
I used the sticks that my wife's mother used before. She passed away years ago. She loved trekking and watching highland flowers so much.


Step forwared !

by Kazu

It seemed that my wife did not like to talk so much during trekking in order to save her energy. Talking to much may not be ahead.
 The surface of the trail for trekking was like the that of Mars. We had enough air for breathing,
 The angle of the hillside seemed to have been steepened as we got closer to the nice scenery on Mt. Tokachidake.