Cape Kiritappu !

 by Kazu

We could reach Cape Kiritappu before sunset. The coastline led to the east end of Hokkaido Island, Nemuro. The western sky was so bright
I headed to the end of the cape and stood on the lookout built on the cape. I hope high\quality whisky will be born in this area which scenery is similar to that of the place where the best quality of whisky have been made.
I got down to the trail on the cliff. It started to rain and strong wind brought back the dark cloud .


Cape Azechi to Cape Kiritappu !

by Kazu

We left Cape Azachi and moved to on the other side of the peninsula. This is Cape Kiritappu. Can you see the end of the rainbow. It was said that there was a big treasure at the end of rainbows.
 The end of the rainbow disappeared on the surface of the ocean. Yes, so many fish and kelp are in this ocean. Absolutely, this is one of the biggest gifted ocean on this globe.
It seemed that under the rainbow was covered with a kind of barrier. Can you see the transparent veil under the rainbow?

Cape Azechi 4 !

 by Kazu

In the direction of the long shadow from my feet, some windmill generating electric power could be seen.
 High pressure system kindly fended off the dark clouds and kept the ocean blue.
 The scenery of the cape in the morning could been on the sign. So many actors and actresses visited here and showed their performances with the scenery.


Cape Azechi 3!

 by Kazu

Dark clouds were passing away over Cape Azechi. Strong winds blew them away and let the plants down on the cape.
The border of the dark clouds and the light blue sky showed the power balance of the low pressure system and the high pressure system.
Different from the scenery in the morning, the shade covered the eastern side of the small island. It might be the time to leave.


Cape Azechi 2 !

 by Kazu

Because of the strong wind and coldness outside, my wife was waiting for me in the car and my aunt went back to the car after taking some picture.
I was waiting for the bright sunshine to take better photos. Can you recognize the reflection of the sunshine on the ocean getting closer.
At last, the sunshine got the surface of the cape so brighter than under the cloud !


Cape Azechi in Kiritappu area of Hamanaka Town !

by Kazu

Unfortunately the small islands were in the shade of the clouds and the color was not clear. I hoped that the strong winds wipe off the clouds and make the scenery brighter.
 The clouds moved fast but the blue sky was shrinking over the cape. It started to rain and the fine view was getting unclear.
The dark clouds seemed to bring hard rain fall on the west. It seemed that we were caught up with by the rainfall.


Biwase to Azechi !

by Kazu

This sign shows how the rocks called "Mado-Iwa " has been changed its shape by the earthquake and suggests to prepare for such emergency.
 We left Biwase area and headed to Kiritappu area that has Cape Azechi and Cape Kiritappu where so many movie films had bee
The central area of Hamanaka Town could be seen in the direction of North and the setting sun and clouds made a spot light on the ocean.