White Peaks over the Green !

by Kazu

Can you see the peaks of mountains decorated with white stripes of snow ? I was hitting the road to the white hillside.
 This road led to Asahikawa City or the downtown Kamikawa. I did not have spike for my trekking boots so I did not decide my mind to climb the mountain Kurodake.
But I was eager to see the hillside partially covered with snow in that season. My wife did not accompany with me so I could run the risk a little bit.


"Mikuni Pass" the Highest in Hokkaido !

by Kazu

This is "Mikuni Pass" the highest pass in Hokkaido Island. The fine view of that day should be appreciated. The peaks of mountains in Daisetsuzan National Park could be seen clearly far away.
I left Mikuni Pass after taking some photos and headed to Souunkyou Valley from where I could step in the trail to reach the peak of Mt. Kurodake.
Heading to the north, the fine view of Daosetsuzan National Park fascinated me so much even from the road. I should be careful of over speed.


Japanese Rowan in White !

by Kazu

Aloha, ohanas in Hawaii !
I went through the premises of Hokkaido University and head for the horse race stadium.
In front of the stadium, the red fruits of Japanese Rowan were also burdened white snow. The contrast of white and red was so nice to see.
With the weight of white snow, the red fruits got lower than usual and sunshine played up the contrast brightly.


Hokkaido University in White !

 by Kazu

My jogging course was completely colored with white but compared to before the snowfall, I felt not so cold because of the humidity increase.
  Even though the actual temperature was minus 1 degree in Celsius, I felt some kind of energy burning up inside myself..
I suppose that once I saw white snow, my body get ready to get over the coldness of winter season.

That's very the Art of White !

 by Kazu

Aloha, people in Hawaii !
We've had heavy snow last night. The temperature was comparatively warm. That is why the snow flakes could make up such white art.
 When the temperature is 0 to 3 degrees in Celsius, snow flakes grow bigger and sticky. The branches of trees catch the snow and decorate themselves so nicely.
The weight of snow bent the branches and gave a twist to the taste of white art.


The Forest !

by Kazu

I enjoyed driving so comfortably. Soon I could see the base of the bridges ahead. Yes, the highest pass in Hokkaido "Mikuni Pass" was on my way to Mt. Kuro-dake.
Can you see the tower-like bases of the bridges ? That is the way to the peak of the pass where very nice scenery of the forest could be seen.
This is the scenery from the lookout near "Mikuni Pass". A variety of peaks of mountains in Daiseysuzan National Park"could be seen and the guide sign was set in the direction of the peaks..


Heading to Daisetsuzan National Park !

by Kazu

Leaving Nukabira Hot Spring Village, I headed to the north, the central part of Hokkaido, Daisetsuzan National Park Area. The highest pass was on my way to Souunkyou Area.
 Driving to the highest pass of Hokkaido Island called "Mikuni Pass" was so nice. The blue sky showed the direction to the next destination.
 Surrounded by the woods, drivers tend to be over the speed limit. Please be careful.