To Tomuraushi !

by Kazu

We skipped The City of Sweets and Fertility Obihiro City and headed to Tomuraushi Hot Springs after having a look at the Tokachi Plain from the lookout on the hillside where we met a fox.
 This red bridge led us from the Tokachi Plain to the deep in the Tomuraushi Labyrinth at the foot of Mt. Tomuraushi. I was pleased with the autumnal beautiful foliage were left albeit that got a little bit drab compared to the peak of the beauty.
Before settling in the hotel we stayed on that day, we went up to the lookout called BOGAUDAI from where the peaks of the mountains in Daisetsu area could be seen. Unpaved bumpy read led us to there. The lookout and the surroundings seemed to be maintained by the Ministry of Environment because it was in the National Park.
The peak of Mt. Tomuraushi was covered with clouds. To be honest,  some tourists died of hypothermia around the peak of the mountain in summer some years ago.
It seemed to be snowing on tops of the mountains. General Winter has come on the highlands.

I thought Alan and Kathleen had not been relaxed until they saw the hotel at the end of the unpaved road.

The peak of Mt. Nipesotsu(dake) seemed like a flame reflecting the light of setting sun through the woods..
How can I express the color of the peak, orange, pink or the color of skin ?

The comfortable open air hot spring bath was waiting for us. We went down to the hotel Higashi Taisetsu-sou.
The URL of the hotel is   http://www.netbeet.ne.jp/~taisetsu/tomurausi1.html
and it also has the account of Facebook


From La Vista to Tokachi Plain !

by Kazu

On our way from Hotel La Vista on the hillside of Mt. Asahi(dake) to the foot of Mt. Tomuraushi(dake), Chuubetsu River showed its beautiful curve from south to north.
 The river made a beautiful emerald lake beside the flow and fertile field on the downside.

Mikuni mountain pass is the highest pass in Hokkaido. The landscape that can be seen from the lookout is magnificent and can be said of Hokkaido of Hokkaido.  

The lip mountain and the reflection on the surface of the Lake Shikaribetsu makes the sexy shape of lips from spring to autumn.

A foot bath is on the lakeside. Watching the lips mountain while soaking your feet in the bath is worthwhile and so comfortable.  
 It was a little bit too cold for my guest from the North America but my wife loves the foot bath so much and enjoyed it.
I am not sure how often the cruise boat goes around the lake but many fish called Oshorokoma was under the boat on the day.

 This bis Tokachi Plain. The photo was taken from the lookout from the Lake Shikaribestu to Shimizu Town.
A fox appeared in front of us expecting feeding. We never gave food but in some area of Hokkaido, foxes bring red saucer and seem to request food. That trick attracts people so much and the success rate is so high in such case.

Alan told the fox we did not have any food with us but the fox seemed to understand nothing.

Good-bye black-socked fax !


Au revoir, La Vista !

by Kazu

These photos were exhibited on the second floor of Hotel La Vista.
What a wonderful scenery was cut out from the nature !
The name of the hotel group La Vista must be the namesake of the "Buena Vista" that surround each hotel of its group.    
I prefer the seaside resort for scuba diving to the mountainous area but soaking in the hot spring bath and watching the skylines of beautiful mountains may be worthwhile and inspire us the vision of deities.
A variety of products including handcrafts and textiles were sold at the rotunda of the hotel.
A couple of the room wear in the hotel were also sold for 8,000 Japanese Yen.
This is the outlook of the hotel. Another luxurious hotel "Bear Mont" is located on the upperside of this hotel but I prefer La Vista.
It was a pity that I could not show Kathleen and Alan the peak of Mt. Asahi(dake) but I believe that I will be able to take them around Hokkaido again with their son, daughter-in-law and grandson.
 I am so impressed by the concept how the females rule the males in this world that our talk about spouses heated up. I really enjoyed the chat so much and we have to talk much more.

Again,the sign means the garden where the deities are romping around. In the language of Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido, Kamui Mintara".


Viva La Vista ② !

by Kazu

The main large bathroom is available around the clock in Hotel La Vista Daisetsuzan like La Vista in other places.
Of course, we headed to the place of relaxation for bathing in the morning.
As I did not like to be criticized about taking photos inside the bathroom, no photos of the bathroom in my smart phone.
 You can see the inside at
 Please watch your step on your way to the bathroom.
Different from the photos for advertisement, our room was cluttered with clothes and luggage. I think it is the nature of my wife but I has been affected so much by my wife.
 The fireplace was the fake but made us remember Mt. Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. It gave so nice atmosphere for our stay. Our beds in the night were like below.

I wished if the light like a fire had been lit in the fireplace.
 In the morning, our beds changed their countenances a little bit like on the right. These beds were so nice to sleep. I love this Japanese "Futon" on the bed.
The lighting was so simple and has the shape pf a lamp.

 Like other hotels, the restaurant on the ground floor for breakfast conducted buffet style. This is my breakfast on that day.
Too much ?
But as I had to consume so much calories for exercise and jogging,,I ate up these all !

The souvenir shop in the hotel sold the room wears in the hotel, that looked like that of the Karate Master.
I will come back to this hotel again.