Viva La Vista ② !

by Kazu

The main large bathroom is available around the clock in Hotel La Vista Daisetsuzan like La Vista in other places.
Of course, we headed to the place of relaxation for bathing in the morning.
As I did not like to be criticized about taking photos inside the bathroom, no photos of the bathroom in my smart phone.
 You can see the inside at
 Please watch your step on your way to the bathroom.
Different from the photos for advertisement, our room was cluttered with clothes and luggage. I think it is the nature of my wife but I has been affected so much by my wife.
 The fireplace was the fake but made us remember Mt. Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. It gave so nice atmosphere for our stay. Our beds in the night were like below.

I wished if the light like a fire had been lit in the fireplace.
 In the morning, our beds changed their countenances a little bit like on the right. These beds were so nice to sleep. I love this Japanese "Futon" on the bed.
The lighting was so simple and has the shape pf a lamp.

 Like other hotels, the restaurant on the ground floor for breakfast conducted buffet style. This is my breakfast on that day.
Too much ?
But as I had to consume so much calories for exercise and jogging,,I ate up these all !

The souvenir shop in the hotel sold the room wears in the hotel, that looked like that of the Karate Master.
I will come back to this hotel again.

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