Cycling Monitor Tour for Taiwanese People in Sorachi and adjacent area !

 by Kazu

It was cloudy in Takikawa City in the morning of yesterday. Without any speech by the producer of the tour, it began calmly but the group members were full of vim and vigor.
For the members of the tour, I post all the photos I took here. This is on the Route 12 in Takikawa City.
Thank you very much for coming to Hokkaido and attending to this tour !
I keep my finger and toes crossed for their happiness and precious experiences in Sorachi and other area of Hokkaido!

 Sorachi sub-prefectural area has so wide plain in its area that cycling in the area is easy and enjoyable even for family tourists.
 Please be careful with the traffic on the Route 12 !
He followed the group and keep watch from this position.
 The uphill ride leads to the comfortable downhill in Sorachi.
Toilet time at the convenience store.
For the guests, please use this blog site to download the photos for your memories !  

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