The Last Ride in the Tour ⑤ ! Gooooooooooooooooal!

by Kazu

Looking back the days of this monitor-cycling tour, even for the stalk cyclists who ride 300 km to 500 km in two or tree days normally, the cold weather of Hokkaido might be tough and exhausting even if the scenery was fab.

 The last ride before entering Takikawa City, they seemed to be remembering their way from Takikawa City to Shinshinotsu Village, Shinshinotsu to Yubari City and Yubari to here.
I am very sorry for let you all ride in the cold rain. I should check up more carefully the logistics plan.
After all, you all got over the tough situation and accomplished the whole mandate in this tour.
 Do you feel something melancholic from these photos ?
Yes, the end of the tour was closing. Everybody would have to say good by soon.

Waiting for them beside the road again and again, I started to be filled up with kind of loneliness.
I should ride a bicycle with them.  
But I had to accomplish my project in safety without troubles and accidents.
All I could do was to take photos with the respect to them.

I wanted to talk to each of them but did not have enough time before their departure.
The condition was not bad on the last day of the tour but they must have been tired.
Besides, I would like to admire their way to treat their own bicycle. They treated their bicycles as the partner of their jaunt. That is what Japanese people lost and forgot.
It seemed that their bicycles responded to their owner with their satisfying performance.

They went into the downtown area of Takikawa City. I could not say anything when I saw them riding the bicycles.  

Thank you all !
I really appreciate your attendance to the monitor tour and the intestinal fortitude of Taiwanese people.
Excellent !
 He fell down twice in the cold rain on the second day. I think that was hypothermia.
 It was at three thirty in the afternoon on November 9(Sat.). The mayor of Takikawa City Mr. Kohkichi MAEDA would come to the venue of the farewell party at four thirty.
They have to take out their clothes from the suitcases and had to hurry up to Ebeotsu Hot Spring Bath in the outskirt of Takikawa City. I was very sorry for the tight schedule.  
They left their partner bikes at the Takikawa Tourism Association and depart for the hot spring bath.

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