Watefall Shooting Star 2 !

by Kazu

The name of the waterfall "Ryusei" means "Shooting Star" in Japanese. The straight waterfall gives the image of the power of "Males".
 It was cloudy and a little bit raining on that day. The garden where the deities are romping around, that is called "Kamuimintara" in the language of Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan, was over the cloud.
The rocky mountains at the centeof this island Hokkaido seemed so different from that in the mainland of Japan but not so steep compared to them.


Waterfall "Shooting Star !

by Kazu

At the foot of the waterfall "Ginga" which means Galaxy in Japanese, there is a wide parking space and souvenir shops.
The parking space was used as a national route that connected my hometown Kitami City and Asahikawa until the end of twentieth century.
A variety of waterfalls are pouring tons of water in a second from the highland called "Kamuimintara"which means the garden where the deities are romping around in the language of Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan. The waterfall "Ryusei" is one of them.


Waterfall Galaxy !

by Kazu

I think this waterfall was posted on this site a few times. On my way back to Sapporo City from my hometown Kitami, the waterfall of a deity can be seen from the lookout.
The name of the waterfall is "Ginga" which means "Galaxy"in Japanese language. It is called "Ginga-no-taki".
The white river under the waterfall is made by the several waterfalls and mainstream of Ishikari River.


What's this topping ?

 by Kazu

It is a kind of Sushi topped with a kind of roe of sea creature. I think it was flavored squid roe???? We had it in Kitami City, my hometown.
On our way back to Sapporo City from my hometown, we dropped by Sekihoku Pass and looked around from the lookout.
Spruce and larch are the typical tree in the eastern part of Hokkaido and their dark green absorb the bright light in it.


Hello, my friend !

 by Kazu

My friend and I enjoyed enough the hot spring spa of Nonaka Onsen (Hot Spring ) under the sky. I was so happy to be able to take my friend to one of my favorite hot spring spa in Hokkaido.
The smell of the hot spring was the mixture of sulfur and camphor. It might be typical but a little bit twist was added.
It was so nice a memory for me to share the comfortable time in my favorite onsen in Hokkaido of Hokkaido, I mean the eastern part of Hokkaido.


The peak of Mt. Meakan-dake !

by Kazu

 The sky was getting brighter and the peak of Mt. Meakan-dake was about to take its hat and started to show its countenances on that day..
 The wild hot spring pond could be seen if you could successfully reach the spot.It might have taken 45 minutes to reach the hot spring waterfall in the woods.
 My friend from Heilongjiang in China seemed to check up and find the actual position of ourselves in the beautiful area.

Lake Onnetou !

 by Kazu

 A beautiful blue lake appeared in the woods at the foot of Mt. Meakan-dake. The blue color of the lake  can be seen from the trail on the hillside of Mt. Meakan-dake.
A wild hot spring near the lake nurtured many tropical fish in the pond under the hot spring waterfall until several years ago.
 The tropical fish was brought by some tourists and they got over cold winters until they were taken away from there.


Tamura to Mt. Meakan-dake !

 by Kazu

We savored enough yum skirt beefsteak in the flagship restaurant of Yakiniku Restaurant Tamura.
 After lunch, we headed to the foot of mt. Meakan-dake on that day.The peak of the mountain seemed to be covered with a white cloud.
White steam of hot water and sulfur was from the crater of the active volcano. The smell of sulfur I felt was not so annoying even for my fiend from heilongjiang.


Yakiniku Tamura in Bihoro Town !

by Kazu

Have you ever heard of Yakiniku Restaurant Tamura headquartered in Bohoro Town near my hometown Kitami City ?
 This is the entrance of the restaurant. A stone garden was in the building of the restaurant.
The quality of the beef was superb as well other kinds of  meat. Yakiniku Tamura has branch restaurants in BISSE building in downtown and northern part of Sapporo City.


Abashiri facing Okhotsk Ocean !

 by Kazu

We dropped by a cove along the seaside road facing Okhotsk Ocean. The ocean was so calm and ebb tide exposed the seabed near the beach.
 The coastline led to Shiretoko Peninsula and it made a beautiful curve line disappearing into the blue of the ocean and sky. 
A paddy field that had  several trees in the midst of it caught our eyes and soul. What a wonderful and blessed land in the north !