Get down from another world !

by Kazu

To be honest, I would not like to conquer the sacred area of deities that might prefer the silence to the noisy chatting. But I have to realize what my wife want to do and make it real.
But after standing on top of the mountains, I feel some difficulty to leave the area because of the magnificent and beautiful scenery that we can not see  on the plain.
The wind on the highland was so nice and cool that I wore functional windbreaker on that day.
We were not on the surface of Mars but I thought what had happened on each planet might be almost same albeit I have not been to the planet.


At the peak of Mt. Iwaonupuri !

by Kazu

As a result, it took one hour and twenty minutes to reach the peak of Mt. Iwaonupuri from the accommodation.
Before checking-out, we conquered the peak, got down to the hillside, soaked our body in the hot spring spa and had enough rest.
 This is the scenery we savored from the peak of the mountain. Our trekking was rewarded enough.
Just before reaching the peak, we hurried up because the clouds seemed to be swamping to the peak.  To take the picture-perfect photos of the beautiful landscape from the peak, we dashed to the peak.
 Gradually, the scenery was getting covered with the veil as white as the snow on the hillside.
The tops of the volcanoes tend to be bald without plants but I thought it was like the place for praying to the deities ruling the area.
 We should not talk too much at the peak of the mountains and around the area where reigned by the entities for the co-existence of human beings and the nature, I think.

My hometown in the morning 3 !

by Kazu

I heard from my aunt that bears' craps were found in the stone garden over this trail days ago.
The smell of the craps were getting stronger as I stepped ahead.
The stone garden was on the right.
This is the trail I jog around every time I come back to my hometown but something was different on that day.
This area was filled with the smell of a strong animal with strong smell. It was too calm and different from the usual.


My hometown in the morning 2 !

by Kazu

It was so cool in the morning of the day. The spruces and other kinds of trees were breathing and I could feel them exhaling so nice aroma.
But when I stepped into this trail, I felt something different in the air. So dangerous smell struck me out in the forest.
The greenhouse raises the plants brought from the rain forest near the equator and that might contain banana trees. The sweet aroma might have allure some wildlives.  
The dangerous smell was from this direction. It came from the trail in the forest. Yes, it was the smell of bears' crap. As the smell was stronger the next morning than that morning, I did not enter the area filled with the smell.


Before Diving into the Ocean !

by Kazu

Along my way of jogging, a bunches of azalea was blooming in front of a condominium well-maintained. I thought that it was a good sign of hitting road to enjoy an excursion while my wife was on her business jaunt.
Basically, I prefer the ocean to the highland because I love to play with the creatures in the ocean.
The head of the cape can be seen so clearly and the sky was shining so nicely. Yes. it was the time to dive into the ocean even if it was the beginning of June.
With my diving gears that had accompanied me all  over the world for years, I enter the underworld searching for the creatures that could not be found while many people were swamping.

My hometown in the morning 1 !

by Kazu

Every time I come back to my hometown Kitami City, I jog around the northern uptown facing the south and dash up to this facility that nurtures the plants brought from rain forest in the southern countries.

 It was very calm in the morning and was cloudy. The temperature was 10 degrees in Celsius and will go up to 15 degrees today. I am concerned about my colleague on the business jaunt to the adjacent Ohzora Town because the conference she will take part in is to be held in camping site and facilities..
It takes approximately 40 minutes to reach the site in case of emergency of my colleague. I keep my fingers and toes crossed for no rain during her stay in the eastern part of Hokkaido.  


To the peak of Mt. Iwaonupuri 4 !

 by Kazu

What a nice scenery it was ! It might be the reward of climbing the mountains but the trekking it self is also fulfill our mind and body with happiness.

 A little bit more walk would take us to the peak of the mountain and bring us the reward of fabulous scenery.

The cloud was swamping to the peak and we had to hurry up to conquer the peak to take photos from the peak.
 This is the peak of Mt. Iwaonupuri. in Neseko Highland Area. We might have to start earlier to savor the scenery without clouds but anyway, we reached the peak as scheduled without happening.
I hope my head would not get bald like the peak of the mountain;)
We will try Mt. Chisenupuri again in not-so-distanced-future.
The crystallized sulfur in the crater enables me to make gun powder !


To the peak of Mt. Iwaonupuri 3 !

by Kazu
This is the place where deities are romping around. Yes, it is called "Kamuimintara" in the language of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu.
 This is one of the most popular trekking courses in Hokkaido because this trekking course is easy even for the novices.
Do you know that the small plants on the highland grow bigger in the lowland than their original habitat.
 We enter the crater of the volcano. It was not so hot on the rocks but the smell of sulfur started to stimulate our noses. The crystals made of sulfur were here and there even on the hillside.
As it was still cloudy and cool on the hillside and the crater of volcano, we did not have to sip water on our way to the peak. SO comfortable trekking it was !
A small lake that could not be seen from the lower place appeared between the peaks.