Niseko Highland and Goshiki Onsen(hot spring spa) , Annex !

by Kazu

This is the tiny hot spring spa of the annex building, Goshiki Onsen on the Niseko Highland. I can say that the hot spring water was strong enough to heal and refresh our body promptly.
 I am not sure the aroma and the ingredients of this quality hot spring water is the same as that of main building or not but I could soak my body in the bath tub for longer time than in the main building.
So the temperature of the water in this tub might be a little bit lower than that of main building.
After the trekking on the highland, bathing in the hot spring spa let us forget every thing that annoys us on the lowland.
We got stuffed with the food we bought in the super market and hit the hay earlier than usual for trekking in the next morning.

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