Dear Fatinnadiah and other visitors !

by Kazu

I am so sorry to have kept you waiting !
This is the photos of current outskirt of Iwamizawa City.  Do you think that the queue of poplar makes a good contrast with white field as monotone works ?
I was on my way back from Yubari City which mayor I posted yesterday.

 These photos were taken by me few hours before. Because of the comparatively high temperature from 0 to 3 degrees in Celsius, large size of snow flakes were made and those made this beautiful scenery.
If I could prepare complete Haral, would you visit our island Hokkaido to be held in the white snow ?  
This is the trees on the backyard of our condominium.
The fruit of Japanese Rowan were also covered with white snow and the contrast of red and white is one of my favorite in winter.
The bridge of the railway is on our back and makes the good place to exercise even in the bad weather.

 Snow flakes themselves are so beautifully shaped and they bring us what I can't express enough. Beauty, melancholics, a symbol of love that makes us eager to be with somebody .
Even in the monochrome world, we enjoy our lives in Hokkaido and that may become a big draw to allure southern people in winter.
 Even if I spend I spent my life after my retirement in southern countries like Malaysia, I would be eager to see this monochrome scenery in winter.
 My jogging course on the premises of Hokkaido University was also decorated with white snow.
 The beautiful autumnal foliage had gone and the branches are decorated with white snow like the drawings called Sansui.
Would you like to walk along this monochrome street with your lover ?
The snow covers all the things equally.
Thank you all for visiting this blog site this year ! I really appreciate your attention and contribute to this blog for Hokkaido !
I will be able to post the photos of the eastern part of Hokkaido next week because I come back to my hometown Kitami tomorrow.
Please have great holidays and new year !
Please be with your family or precious be-loved !

The mayor of Yubari City !

by Kazu

The young leader was explaining about the project to make the most of the local resource in Yubari City that had gone bankrupt five years ago.
His name is Naomichi Suzuki. He was selected as one of the young leaders who would led the world.
   The points of the project is "Coal Bed Methane" that is contained in the layers of coal and "Compact City" by making use of "Dual Mode Vehicle"that can carry people on the road and the railway.
 Originally he was working for the megalopolis Tokyo and dispatched to Yubari City after the bankruptcy of Yubari. He made the decision to fight the election for the seat of the mayor that was expected to involve so much challenges.
Actually, he is working hard in spite of his low income for a mayor. The bureau of firefighters in Yubari City was accused of cheating and he had to reduce his salary to take responsibility.
The salary of the mayor had already been minimized after the bankruptcy of the municipality. On top of that he had to accept and announce the cut down on his salary.
Some citizens give good supports to the young mayor while the megalopolis Tokyo have given him some able staff as well as the occasions to advertise the municipality.
But the small city is still shrinking even now.
He is continuing to fight the uphill battle. The development of making use of coal-bed methane must require long time to accomplish its plan in view of the cases in Canada and Russia.
He needs money and able strategist to make his vision come true.
Before that I would like to invite him to our holiday feast providing the culinary delight shown on this blog.

Have a rest and great holidays !
Kudos to Mr. Suzuki !


The Flagship Shop of Lucky Pierrot !

 by Kazu

The hamburger shop group "Lucky Pierrot" has over ten branch shops in Hakodate City and Esashi Town. The flagship shop of the group is in Nanae Town.
You can find easily the shop beside the Route 5 in Nanae Town.
The best seller is "Chinese Chicken Burger" shown above but one lady born in Hakodate City who gave my wife a makeup on her nails said that the citizens of Hakodaqte City mainly eat curry rice or omelet in the restaurant despite most of the tourists buy the hamburgers in the shop.
 On our way back to Sapporo City from Hakodate, Mt.Komaga(take) can be seen clearly even from the road.
Unfortunately the peak of the mountain was covered with clouds but the hillside decorated with white snow showed its beautiful contrast of bright part and the shade.  
The fields will be covered with snow in winter but the snow makes the land more fertile every year. The cold winter brings us various kinds of gift including the challenges.
Thanks God we seemed to be able to end this year in peace and happiness.

Have a great holidays !


Eating around in Hakodate City !

by Kazu

This graveyard is for foreigners who passed away in Hakodate City. The bay and the coastline of Hakodate City can be seen from the cemetery. It is a good place to have an eternal rest and remember the happy days with the person.  
This graveyard is maintained by Hakodate Christ Church. So if any questions, please make a phone call to the church. The telephone number is shown on the right.

 There is a local convenience store group that is in cooperation with Seiko Mart . The skewered grilled chicken with the special original sauce.
To be surprised, some tourists from abroad were buying the lunch boxes for themselves. The store might have been introduced in the guide books.
 This is the sign of the lunch box that contains the skewered grilled chicken and rice topped with sea weed. Different from other convenience stores, the staff members have to grill the chicken in the small kitchen.
It is called "Hase-sto" and loved by the citizens of Hakodate City. The name is Hasegaewa's. Hasegawa Store.

The lunch box is below.  

The fried chicken set is also one of the most popular set in the shop. But this lunch box was made by another first food group. There is one more local successful first food chain in Hakodate City.


After the war ! Walking around in Hakodate 2!

by Kazu

This is the sign of the monument raised for the souls of Mr. Toshizou Hijikata who belonged to the guard of Kyoto and other fallen Tokugawa Shogunate warriors that amount to approximately eight hundred.
It is about 230 meters from this sign to the monument.  
 This is the monument called Hekketsu-hi. The souls of the warriors who died in the war before Meji Restoration are having rest in the woods near the Cape Tachimachi.

It is very nice and comfortable to walk around this area. Some flowers are set in front of the monument even now. Our country absorbed a hectic amount of blood. We never forget that fact and have to respect the belief to improve the country that the warriors showed in the battle.
 It is very calm around the monument. As if no war happened in this area.
I think most of us are struggling to make ends meet but the warriors could not be allowed to do that in their lives. We have to recognize that again.

At the end of the working day this year, I think of the people who were eager to live their lives.

Have a great holidays !


Walking around in Hakodate City !

by Kazu

This is the old graveyard near the Cape Tachimachi of Hakodate City. Very famous poets are sleeping in this area.
Please read the sign on the left.
"I imagine the day my life is fading away between the waves in this strait." standing on the peninsula.
This poem is made by Mr. Kageji Sunayama.  
The grave of the family that gave birth to one of the famous Japanese poet Mr. Takuboku ISHIKAWA is also in this narrow graveyard.
This is the tomb stone of the grave.

The beautiful coastline of Hakodate City can be seen from the graveyard.
The beach for citizens to swim is under the slope near the graveyard.
From the end of tramway in Yachigashira Area at the south end of the city, this slope leads you to this graveyard.
Some fishermen were did their job near the cape.
The targets are sea urchins and abalones, I think.
It was Indian Summer. It was so comfortable to walk around this area on the day.
The main island of Japan called Honshuu can be seen from the cape.
Probably I can enjoy scuba diving still now in this area. But I would be better off going to Thailand or other coral islands to enjoy enough the beautiful creatures in the ocean;)

Happy merry Christmas to you all !
Chao !