Jogging around in Hakodate City 3!

by Kazu

This is the entrance of The Rusian Orthodox Church called Sei Haristos Kyoukai in Japanese.
Many tourists and citizens still visit this church every day.
The exotic style of the building can be seen from the entrance of the premises.
I am not sure how many Russian people were and are living in the city but the center of the beliefs should be located near the community of the nation, I think.
The belief and the contributions from the believers built up this building.
What on earth was the building designed based on ?
The roses do not seem to know all the history of the church but the height of the plants is like for peeping inside the building.
Having not so much snow, the citizens of Hakodate City love their life in this comfortable and beautiful neighbors.

I do not know much about St. Nicholas.
The slope paved with stone plates is called "Cha Cha Nobori". Why ?
Anybody knows ?
There is another church nearby.
Christmas Mass will be held in the church even now ?
I really felt the power of beliefs watching the products and arts of the religion.