Yakitori Bar "Mifune" in Iwamizawa City again !

by Kazu

We had a year end party in skewered grilled chicken bar "Mifune in Iwamizawa City. The fire pot set costs approximately 7,000 Japanese yen and can be taken out for dinner in your house. It includes Japanese soy beans curd "tofu, steamed fish paste, fish paste cooked in a bamboo-like shape "chikuwa, yolks of eggs, Japanese mushrooms, bamboo shoot, chicken thigh, chicken liver, Chinese lettuce, devil's tongue called konjyak in Japanese. After eating up the fire pot, Japanese buckwheat noodle can be ordered and savoered with the soup in the pot. Six  to ten people can enjoy the fire pot with one order.  
These skewered grilled chicken breast and intestine with onion cost 90 yen per a skewer. The bar is filled with people every night because of the nice flavor and reasonable price.
The bar is in front of the JR railway station but the sign of the bar is yellow but very small. Please find the bar on your right hand side when you exit the station.

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