Walking around in Hakodate City !

by Kazu

This is the old graveyard near the Cape Tachimachi of Hakodate City. Very famous poets are sleeping in this area.
Please read the sign on the left.
"I imagine the day my life is fading away between the waves in this strait." standing on the peninsula.
This poem is made by Mr. Kageji Sunayama.  
The grave of the family that gave birth to one of the famous Japanese poet Mr. Takuboku ISHIKAWA is also in this narrow graveyard.
This is the tomb stone of the grave.

The beautiful coastline of Hakodate City can be seen from the graveyard.
The beach for citizens to swim is under the slope near the graveyard.
From the end of tramway in Yachigashira Area at the south end of the city, this slope leads you to this graveyard.
Some fishermen were did their job near the cape.
The targets are sea urchins and abalones, I think.
It was Indian Summer. It was so comfortable to walk around this area on the day.
The main island of Japan called Honshuu can be seen from the cape.
Probably I can enjoy scuba diving still now in this area. But I would be better off going to Thailand or other coral islands to enjoy enough the beautiful creatures in the ocean;)

Happy merry Christmas to you all !
Chao !

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