Hotel Higashi Taisetsu-sou !

by Kazu

It seemed that the hotel was refurbished so much. The flooring was so nice compared to the former moldy carpet and the IT connection was perfect.
I think 6 to 8 people can stay in this type of room in maximum.
From October 16(Mon.) of 2013 to June 13(Fri.), if you stay in the hotel 2 nights or more, it costs 6,000 Japanese yen for a night per a person while normally it costs 8,550  Japanese yen per person.
If you stay for seven nights or more, it costs 4,300 Japanese yen/night/person. Of course, three meals for a day.
It is called "Toji-Plan" that means Cure by soaking in the hot spring bath. I am eager to try the one week stay with my wife but she will be fed up with the silence and bathing. I think we need tons of books to spent such long time even in the comfortable hotel.  
I've never seen occidental people in the hotel other than my guests from NM of the United States but some English speaking people had dinner in the separated room of the restaurant other than us. I think they were Taiwanese people.
 I remembered that I  found the squirrel of this type in the Deer Hurst Resort in Canada. I am not sure whether the species are the same or relatives.
It is called "Ezo Risu" in Japanese.

But the mascot character of the hotel is Martes zibellina that can be seen around this hotel. The hotel posted nice photos of the animal at brachyurahttp://www.netbeet.ne.jp/~taisetsu/sizen/sizen.html

We did not drink so much in the night but I think we talked so much about how the females rule the world while having dinner. I wish we could stay in the hotel longer.
The facilities of the hotel can be seen at   http://www.netbeet.ne.jp/~taisetsu/sisetsu/sisetsu.html

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