The reflection of the rising sun !

by Kazu

At six o'clock in the morning, the peaks of the mountains located on the north was colored red by the rising sun.
It was very calm in the forest but the sound of river flow continued to wash up our soul and mind while soaking in the hot spring bath outside.  
Considering the amount of exercise I had done in those few days, this was the limit to take in the morning.

I love this photo among the ones (please do not correct it, Kathleen !) taken in our happy days.
About one month has passed away since you two left Hokkaido.  

A beautiful rainbow appeared in front of us on our way to Furano City.
We dropped by Rokkatei Campana della vigna in Furano City and had Jingisukan Pot in the restaurant Shirakaba which means birch in Japanese.
I think the lamb soaked in the special sauce and sliced onion were the best choice for the lunch on the day.

The wooden Jingisukan House was so comfortable to spend hours and the smell of wood used for the building, table ware and decorations was so nice.
I hope my guests will not forget the peace sign that is so popular in Japan.
Needless to say, we had another space for sweets and savored enough the quality sweets made by the patisserie which purpose of business is to be the company loved by the people most on the globe and not to develop its business.

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