It is getting fine !

by Kazu

The fog was disappearing and the blue sky was appearing ahead of us. The air was cool with the wind chilly.
Kudos to the deities of Mt. Tokachidake and adjacent area. We could see the bright hillside of Mt. Tokachidake and Mt. Bieidake.
The bright blue color of the sky seemed to be inviting us to next spectacular on the highland.


Foggy Volcano !

 by Kazu

Very few green could be seen in this area of this highland on that day. So when we saw the white of snow on the hillside, we were a little bit refreshed on this rocky field.
 White snow was shining here and there on the hillside of the mountain. I could not get the perspectives of that area but the weather seemed to be getting better.
The barren field was not for human beings originally but it might give us the second thought to pursuit your happiness of lives. 


To the peak of Mt.Biei-dake !

 by Kazu

It would take eight hours to go through the peak of Mt. Tokachidake and Mt. Biei-dake, considering my wife's pace of stepping forward.
 I was not concerned about the time so much but I had to escort my wife to the entrance of the trail to go around the peaks before sunset.
If it had been fine on that day, we would have been struck by the staggering and magnificent landscape that could be seen from the trail, I thought.


Peak to Peak !

by Kazu

What would you respond to such a scenery ? The time for trekking is limited. Night trekking is a little bit dangerous for novices.
We did not have spikes to avoid to slip down. Stepping forward carefully, we went across the hillside covered with snow.
I am so sorry for not smiling despite your advice, Kathleen. I was not so tired at that moment but it may be the tendency of old Japanese.


Trail split again !

by Kazu

Without this sign, trekkers may be annoyed by anxiety on the trail. It might be the sign of civilization as well as the trail.
The contrast of the artificial article and the original scenery of this planet was so fascinating on the highland.
Something was over the fog but we could not see that. If I can show my wife what was  behind the fog in coming August, I would be so happy to see her smile.


At the rim of the crater !

by Kazu

If we had got a fine view on the trail to the peak of Mt. Bieidake, my wife might have been scared by the height of the place we stepped forward.
 It might be lucky for us to be covered with clouds. But I hope we will be able to see the magnificent scenery from the trail this year.
The backside of the sign was fading away in the fog as we stepped forward. I hoped my wife would not be scared by anything down the road.

Step forward !

by Kazu

Normally, signs of arrow show the way to the peak and the entrance of the trail. It seemed to be difficult to paint the sign of arrows on the ground of the volcano.
 So this sign was set beside the trail that connected the peaks of Mt. Tokachidake and Mt. Bieidake.
We were relieved a little bit and headed to Mt. Bieidake. The trail seemed to be connected to the sky.


The scenery made by the eruption !

by Kazu

Stepping down from the peak of Mt. Tokachidake, we enter a comparatively flat field of rocks on the highland.
 The eruption of Mt. Tokachidake made this art many years ago. The smell of sulfur was not so strong in the area.
A small hill appeared beside the trail. If we had had enough time, I  might have dropped by and checked up the backside of the hill.


Getting down from the peak !

 by Kazu

Looking back at the peak of Mt. Tokachidake we conquered, we got down the trail from the peak to another peak.
 Considering the time we spent on the peak of Mt. Tokachidake, we would be able to reach the peak of Mt. Bieidake and back to the entrance of the trail before sunset.
The scenery of the highland could not be seen in our daily  life. We looked around again and again on the trail to another peak.


Heading another peak !

by Kazu

My  wife decided to step forward. I mean she decided to go to another peak of the mountain adjacent to Mt. Tokachidake.
 Actually it might be easier to reach the peak of Mt. Bieidake from the peak of Mt. Tokachidake than from the foot .
I did not expect her decision to conquer more peak but as we reached to the peak of Mt. Tokachidake steadily and earlier than expected, we had enough time to do that.