"Gonji" in Iwamizawa City!

by Kazu

This restaurant may be more suitable for ladies than the binge drinkers like me. But even for us, the restaurant is enjoyable. The name is "Gonji". I am not sure what the name is derived from or is the namesake of.
"旬菜 dining" should be translated "dining of seasonal best materials"?
It can be said to be Italian.
TEL 0126227681
Address: Higashi 1-1-2, 2-jo, Iwamizawa City.
Precise location can be checked at http://www.bfh.jp/theme/theme_searchdetail/60001218/ and other gourmet site but only in Japanese.
The owner chef Mr.Harada sought for the best cuisine leaving the category and reached the original cuisine after experienced in French restaurants and Italian restaurants.
A wide variety of dishes made of the best food materials sourced locally satisfies the guests with wine and Japanese sake.
The meal coupons can be issued by the restaurant and is available even for the course menu.
Small separated rooms can be available but reservation is required beforehand. It is so comfortable to mingle with your favorite people, having so nice dishes and alcohol.
Fried Camembert cheese is the starter.
The hors-d'oeuvre consist s of grilled zucchini topped with butter cream sauce, grilled conch called "Tsubu" flavored with garlic, steamed pumpkin, roast beef and mushroom.
The sour cream dressing has something twisted and the combination of veggies was so excellent.
Mushrooms topped with meat and gelee seemed to have been baked in the oven.
Open: 11:00-14:30, 18:00-22:00
38 seats are available
Parking lots for 5 cars
 Toasted slice of baguette was topped with melted cheese and stimulate our appetite again.  

Chopped clam meat was grilled on the shell and topped with garlic and basil sauce, I think.
In total, the staff of my division really enjoyed so much the dishes figured out by Mr. Harada with the barrels of beer and wine !

Thank you very much for the culinary delights, Mr. Harada !


Nanko Dishes in Utashinai !

by Kazu

Why do the citizens of Utashinai City love the boiled intestine of horses?

This is "Nanko Rice Bowl" made of fried horse intestine flavored with onion, fish                                                                                                                                                                                                                              broth, soy-sauce, scrambled egg and topped with sliced leek.                                    
This is "Nanko curry with rice. The spices of curry takes the smell of the intestine and the feeling of the slices of intestine gives the new twist to the curry.
Fermented soy-beans paste "Miso"-based egg noodle soup topped with boiled "nanko" is popular menu in the restaurant of the roadside station.
"Nanko" soup lunch set has the traditional flavor of "miso". Then why is these cuisine called "nanko" and why have the citizens eaten the intestine of horses  ?

In the galleries or tunnels of coalmines in Hokkaido, the horses carried the cart of coal. Under the conditions of darkness and dusty air, the life expectancy of horses in the coalmine were very short. So many horses died in the tunnel or galleries of coalmines. Needless to say, the citizens made the most of the bodies
of horses but their love to the horses as the colleague in the coalmine was so strong. They never said to eat the meat of horses.
 In the oriental philosophy including yin & yang, "the direction of horse" means south. Nan or minami means south in Japanese. Have you got it? Yes, "nan-ko" means the blessing from south, the direction of horse.  
The coalmine industry in Japan including Hokkaido collapsed and no more horses are used in coalmines. But the cuisine is still loved by the citizens of coalmine area. The intestine is imported from Australia now. To take off the smell of the intestine, the chef of the restaurant boil it with miso, ginger and leek for 8 hours and let it sleep for a night. The coalmine workers loved the meals and the current citizens of coalmine area have loved for years. Australian people knows about it?

Tirol in Utashinai City !

by Kazu

If you want to enjoy skiing in Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Utashinai City has the excellent facilities including the accommodations and the training machines.
This hotel "Tirol" is run by the public company affiliated by the municipality and the restaurant is run by the chef dispatched from "Sapporo Grand Hotel". So the level of the cuisine is so high.
Another hotel is near the downhill ski course on the hillside of Mt.Kamoi-dake. I think the hot spring spa in "Tirol" is better.
As you may recognize, the concept of the city is like in Switzerland or Tirolean.
The hotel has a big gymnasium where various kinds of sports can be enjoyed even if it rains outside.
This is "Nanko Soup Lunch Set" in the restaurant.
Boiled horse intestine is flavored with fermented soy-beans "miso" and it has the own history in this city of coalmine.
Pickled veggies are the special products in Utashinai City. The moms in the city set up the company to make and sell the quality products in the city and New Chitose  International Airport.

I will post the reason why the boiled horse intestine is the special cuisine in the city later.


Japanese Traditional Castle in Akabira City !

by Kazu

Do you know where is this?

It is not the quiz of the month.

Did I post it before?

I can not remember now because I have a hangover this morning.
This is the building owned by doll manufacturer in Akabira City. But the company went bankrupt not because of this castle.
Akabira City has many competitive companies such as "Ace" that makes suitcases and bags, "Uematsu Denki" that is continuing to develop state-of-the-art technologies and can entice the enterprises to establish their branch in Akabira City.
Spring has come in your city?
I am longing for the season of flowers!


Afternoon tea in Maple Club, Iwamizawa City !

by Kazu

I have not decided on the quiz of the month. Should I continue to post the quiz every month ?

The visitors to this blog are increasing even now but I would like to listen to the voice of visitors in this regard.
Besides, when I spend my weekend in Iwamizawa City, I visit "Maple Club" run by Patisserie "Red Ribbon" headquartered in Iwamizawa City.
I am not sure the entrance of my house in Ottawa, Ont.,Canada was like this or not, but I love the stove and atmosphere in this building.
It is on my jogging course in the morning and evening every day. Are you enticed by this appearance of this building. Something warm and enjoyable seems to be inside.
The illuminated gate of the building is like the trap for sweet tooth and lonely single bachelors.
The stove is still working even now in Snow Land Iwamizawa City and make us so happy.
Cooking seminars are held in the kitchen space of upstairs.
In front of the stove, the comfortable space can be used for 30 people.
The dream land for the people who have a sweet tooth is open all the year round.
My choice was "Gotter Fromage".
Cherry Mont.Blanc (Pink) was for my wife. It smells so nice!
Would you have the quality afternoon in this patisserie this weekend ?


Hokuhoku-an in Naganuma Town!

by Kazu

Japanese noodle Udon Restaurant "Hokuhoku-an" had been in the center part of Sapporo City before and many business persons had their lunch and dinner every day. But one day, it seemed that the owner had decided to move the restaurant to rural area of Hokkaido. Yes, at the center of the agricultural fields. Naganuma Town was what the owner decide to settle in.

The entrance is between the building of the restaurant and the house of the owner. As you can see on the photo on the right, the restaurant and the building put the stress on the pastoral scenery. It like a drawing or photo cut out from the nature.
This is the house of the owner, I think.
The building of the restaurant has more windows than the owner's house.
"Supreme Nabeyaki Udon" is what my wife chose for the lunch on that day. Fried shrimps and other toppings decorated on the surfaqce of the pot.
Japanese Tempra of veggies and shrimps with boiled udon was so nice for me who had eaten too much for the dinner before  the day. The owner chose this place after he or she made a tremendous success in the center part of Sapporo City.
What I can do now?


Dinner in "Food Palette a.i.u.e.o" in Nanporo Town!

by Kazu

I visited the bakery that my friend's wife was running in Nanporo Town.
On the left is Sunflower & Raisin Bread for 1,200 Japanese yen and the half is for 600 Japanese yen. On the right is white "Fuwa Fuwa Bread" which means fluffy or soft ? in Japanese. "Chocolate Bread" and Walnut Bread is at the center. The larger size is for 700 yen and the smaller is for 350 yen.
I really love this "Sunflower & Raisin Bread" called "Himawari & Raisin Pan". I think three slices of this bread is enough for breakfast because it is stuffed so much and tasty.

"Pan forte" that I introduced and used as the present to the winner of the quiz, are cut into small pieces because the whole cake is for 3,500 yen.
Bottled apple jam is so nice to have with the breads above.
Needless to say, those bottles of marmalade are another big draw even for not sweet teeth.
I brought skewered grilled chicken cooked in Yakitori Mifune of Iwamizawa City. Chicken breast & sliced onion, chicken entrails with sliced onion.
The content of the fire pot in the dinner is steamed fish paste, bamboo shoots and chicken.
Other than that Mrs. Mieko Kanahyou made up so tasty hamburgers flavored with ketchup and spices.
Please find this bakery with small table and chairs that the metal artist Mr. Naoyuki Kanahyou made up.
Again "食のパレット a.i.u.e.o" is on the sign. Please find the small bakery in Nanporo Town!