"Chitose Rice Bowl" in Chitose City!

by Ishikari Sake Ikura Jiro,
    Ishikari Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

I confess that I visited Chitose City with Mr.W on a business jaunt for discussing on the promotion of tourism. To make the most of this opportunity, I tried famed "Chitose Rice Bowl" that I have been interested in(^^).
"Chitose Rice Bowl" was developed in 2012 to establish the local specialty made of food materials sauced locally, including eggs that are produced the most in Hokkaido. The top ten restaurants in the competition of this rice bowl in Chitose City serve the rice bow with their own original twist. Click here to have a look on the rice bowl.→ちとせ丼はこちら
Today, I visited "Yoicafe宵華(Yoika)" that got the first prize in the competition. The restaurants with this sign can serve the rice bowl.
It took ten minutes to serve the bowl.

It is the rice bowl topped with the half-fried soft egg cooked in occidental way and plenty of spicy soup thickened with flour in Chinese way.。The pieces of rice paper are derived from the image of the wings of air crafts taking off and touching down. The chef of the restaurant, Mr.Koyanagi is so proud of this rice bowl.
Once you have a spoon of this rice bowl in your mouth, the extremely soft egg, thickened spicy sauce and the rice mix so nicely. It can be said to be occidental and Chinese and the harmony of the spicy thickened sauce and the sauce demi-glace stimulate our appetite so much.

"It's revolutionizing the flavoring and the arrangement of cuisine!", "It's the jewelry box of the taste!", we shouted out !
We ate up the rice bowl and were so satisfied with its taste and volume.
" I would like to revitalize Chitose City with this local specialty" said Ms. Ohtsuka, the owner of this restaurant, with the trophy for the Grand Prix winner.
 "Chitose Rice Bowl" can be savored in ten restaurants including "Yoicafe宵華(Yoika" in Chitose City. Click here for the map→ちとせ丼マップ
"Please enjoy "Chitose Rice Bowl" and compare the characteristics of each version of each restaurant." said Mr.Sato in Tourism Promotion Division of Chitose City.
 Other than that, the tourism in Chitose City is introduced in "Chitose Tourism Guide. Click here for the guide book→ちとせ観光ガイド」.
The beautiful directer of my division also recommends the restaurants and the guidebook! 

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