Lake Kanayama in Minami Furano Town!

by Gen,
Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of
Hokkaido Government

Every year, the Fire Works Festival is held around Lake Kanayama in Minami Furano Town.
It has also camping site and accommodations.
It is an artificial lake made by building dam. Many tourists and citizens of the town and neighboring area visit this pastoral space.  
The citizens play so-called "Alaska Baseball" on the lake in the very cold chilly breeze every year. Of course, hot spring spa is near here.
Ice fishing can be experienced on the lake in winter like on the other lakes in Hokkaido and even for little kids, fishing Japanese wakasagi smelt can be enjoyed easily like goldfish fishing like the festivals held in other seasons.

I am not sure if the utensils for frying smelt are there for quick  bite.

It is still snowing in Hokkaido. How long should we wait to see the flowers?

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