Snowmobile Land in Shibetsu City!

by Gen, Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

It is getting warmer and the season for snowmobile-riding is getting shorter.

I am crazy for riding snowmobile in these three years. Downhill skiing in deep snow is also fun for me but going with the cold wind on the hilly field is superb!

Yes, it is very cold but I got the new addiction on the white and silver world.    
Of course, kids would be complaining if I enjoyed without taking them to the world of speed. Snow rafting on the banana boat seemed to be so fun for kids. After enjoying snowmobile riding, I had to draw the boat for kids.

Snow condition is getting worse and the surface of the snow fields are getting hard. Falling down from the boat is getting riskier than mid winter.

Please try the last ride in this winter in Shibetsu City near Asahikawa City!