Their Life in Rebun Island !

 by Kazu

Above is the photo of the Citizens' Activity Center of Rebun Town and the left is the mascot character of Rebun Island. Its name is Atsumon. It is the namesake of so famous flower "Rebun Atsumori-sou".
 Various kinds of beautiful flowers peculiar to the island entertain the visitors so much. Rebun Atsumorisou is one of the famous flower on the island. On the right is not "Rebun Atumori-sou"but the variety is like that.  
These photos were displayed in the Citizen Activity Center. It must have taken so much time to take such beautiful photos, I think.
 "Kita-no-Canary" is the title of the movie film shot on this island. One of the most famous national actress Mrs.Sayuri Yoshinaga was the protagonist of the movie film. The abolished elementary school building was used for the movie.
The poster of the movie film is on the right.
The beautiful Konide of Mt. Rishiri can be seen form Rebun Island. This scenery can not be seen from Rishiri Island, ironically.

Hole-in-the-wall BBQ Restaurant in Rebun Island !

by Kazu

This is one of the in-house BBQ table of the hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Rebun.

"Chidori" is the name of the restaurant located near the port.
It can be said that this is the main street of the town and the island. Hot spring spa is near there.
We could not enjoy BBQ of the restaurant and the aroma of the grilled seafood but could have so nice salt-base soup of Ramen noodle soup in the restaurant on such a cold day.


Good-bye Winter !

by Kazu

I so sorry for failing to post the photos I took in Rebun Island and Rishiri Island on my business jaunt.
The lake at the northern end of Rebun Island seemed so cold that I could not imagine the scenery in summer at all on that day.
There were the lives of the people on the island. It may seem to be tough but absolutely, there were the bless of deities forthe people who selected to live on this island.
This BBQ restaurant near the port seemed to be very small but so many tourists visit there in summer and make a long line to wait their turn. The limited space is filled with smoke in high season including summer. Wouldn't you visit and try the hole-in-the-wall restaurant ?

Spring has come !

by Kazu

What a comfy jogging on the premises of Hokkaido University in the morning of this season. Before most trees of other kinds start to extend their buds, cherry trees sweep the scenery with their beautiful pink of a variety.
In some part of Hokkaido including Obihiro City, the temperature shot up to 30 degrees in Celsius on that day.
It is getting warmer so rapidly, the season of these cherry blossoms may be shorter than usual.
A tree of Magnolia kobus was standing on the lawn and slightly swinging in the wind under the blue sky. The aroma of the flowers was so nice but not so strong.
They were like females with very short life expectancy but the that of the tree is much longer than human beings.
Tulips were also started to bloom in the flower garden. Let's hit the road and enjoy the floral season of tourism;)

Bulletin ! The Chair of Hokkaido-jinkai in Toronto visited our office !

by Kazu

Today, Mr. Koji Oishi, the Chair of Hokkaido-jinkai(The Association of the people derived from Hokkaido) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada visited our office, the International Division, Office of Governor, Department of Policy Planning and Coordination, Hokkaido Government. We discussed on the possibility to cooperate with each other for the risk management, promotion of Hokkaido.

I introduced myself and my immediate supervisor Mr. Emoto and promised to send some brochures and pamphlet of Hokkaido.
I would like to extend the photo of the best cherry blossoms in Sapporo today to all the members of Hokkaido-jinkai in Toronto and other part of this globe;)
Cheers !


Fully Flourished !

by Kazu

The protagonists of this season fully flourished near my condo and on the premises of Hokkaido University.
Why cherry blossoms are so beautiful  and said that they are the symbol of ladies' hidden love ?
A variety of pink colors ease the pain and refresh our mind and body. Our bodies were tired of overcoming harsh coldness and heavy snow in winter.
At the beginning of spring, we tend to have a cold because of the tiredness. Antibodies need to be recharged their batteries while savoring the beauty of spring. The change took place in a day !


The beginning of the floral season !

by Kazu

Cherry blossoms were beginning to bloom. It was still cold yesterday.
 I hope we can enjoy the blossoms and flowers as long as we can this year.
On the premises of Hokkaido University, the floral entertainers were ready to get the ball rolling !


West Coast of Rebun Island !

by Kazu

It seemed that there was few narrow comparatively flat space on the west coast of the island. Carved by winds and waves, the west side of the island was like a citadel or tarmac for ultra light aircraft.
 No trees could be seen on the hills. White snow put an accent to the scenery of drab colors.
No lighting beside the road. I wondered if it was allowed to drive a car on this road in the night.
 It must be so dangerous, in particular in winter because the road must be slippery without road-heating system.
This is the village hidden by the cliffs on the west. Just fishermen have lived using their boats for fishery. What would you need if you could live in such area ? BS TV ? Be loved ? Millions of dollars ?


A little bit hilly area of Rebun Island !

by Kazu

I promise to come back to and stay in this Inn under the cliff facing the ocean in summer and report on this blog  in the future.
At the lookout on the peak of the hilly area, a Japanese poem was carved on the monument. "Northern storm hit harder day by day the seagulls that are hungry and crying." is on the monument blown by harsh wind from Northwest.
 The small island gave me easily the perspectives of the island. So far, no fear of Oh-Tsunami to this island is expected but the road surrounding the island is so close to the ocean.
It is the monument for Mr. Zeniya who contributed to the development and prosper of this island.
 One of the ports on this island had not been connected with the downtown of this island until some decades ago. Only some small boats were the means of approach the port and the community. Can you believe that ?
Why the people decided to live there ?