What is under the cliff ?

by Kazu

The west coast of Rebun Island was marsh. Strong wind was blowing from the west.
 Some cottages were on the premises of the camping site on the west coast of the island. Many youngsters do camping on the site every year but it was closed in winter as almost half of the hotels on the island.
Cape Sukoton is at the northern end of Rebun Island. A small island where seals are having a rest can be seen from the cape in summer.
 But it could not be seen from the lookout on the cape on that day, unfortunately. What? This sign is not for the cape. It is for the Japanese Inn near here.
But no building was seen from the lookout.

A dark brown building was under the cliff  and near the sea ! The visitors must go down the stairs to reach the Inn. As a skin and scuba diver, I said to myself that I would try to stay in this Inn in summer.  

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