Where do you think we had been energized with these culinary delights ?

by Kazu

On our way back to Sapporo City from the Hotel Windsor Toya, we dropped by a seafood restaurant peculiar to the port town in Hokkaido.
Whenever we have a dinner in a Japanese bistro, we order this grilled   Okhotsk atka mackerel,
dried for a night.
Sliced raw squid should be the starter of the lunch but as I had to drive our car, I had to savor the real taste of the god bless without  alcohol.  
Even the spine of the fish also edible for me and the taste can not be savored in other countries,I think.
 This is one of the lunch set in the restaurant in Yoichi Town. Have you ever heard of the name "Kakizaki" on the second floor of a fish market colored orange ?
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