On my way to Rebun and Rishiri Island !

by Kazu

Date back to March 22(Sun.), I took the train to Wakkanai. I am so sorry to fail to post the photos taken from the window of the train. Soon farmers will start cultivation of the fields. Black powder of carbon seemed to be sprinkled on the white fields to accelerate melting down.
 The fields that got over the winter have got ample power to raise the plants.  
It was more difficult to take photos of signs at the station than I expected. This is only one photo of the station.
 It was getting cloudy as I was getting closer to Wakkanai City, the northern end of Hokkaido Island.
The landscape was losing woods but some spruces were planted in some part beside the rail in order to fend of the wind from the Northwest.
To be continued.

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