Spring has come !

by Kazu

What a comfy jogging on the premises of Hokkaido University in the morning of this season. Before most trees of other kinds start to extend their buds, cherry trees sweep the scenery with their beautiful pink of a variety.
In some part of Hokkaido including Obihiro City, the temperature shot up to 30 degrees in Celsius on that day.
It is getting warmer so rapidly, the season of these cherry blossoms may be shorter than usual.
A tree of Magnolia kobus was standing on the lawn and slightly swinging in the wind under the blue sky. The aroma of the flowers was so nice but not so strong.
They were like females with very short life expectancy but the that of the tree is much longer than human beings.
Tulips were also started to bloom in the flower garden. Let's hit the road and enjoy the floral season of tourism;)

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