It had been the base of Japanese Maritime Force !

by Kazu

So sad story of our nation could be seen on the island " Daikoku-jima". It should be exhibited to our nation to learn the deadly expensive lesson, I think..
I could not find appropriate point to land the island but the approach trail to the lighthouse could be seen on the cliff.
Considering the small island called "Kojima" we stayed had carved by the wave and wind of the ocean and got smaller quickly, this island " Daikoku-jima" might be easy to dig tunnels.
This is where a community had been until decades ago. The ruins of houses and market could be seen from the boat.
Approximately more than thirty people had been living near the sea level on the island. I do not know if there had been "Oh-Tsunami" around the area but the evacuation route and place must be built on such small island.
I was convinced of the necessity to arrange the study tour around the island for the youngsters of our nation.
Our nation may be too vulnerable to the egoistic arrogant but not sophisticated countries on this globe;) They must be liars and so might be some top dogs of our nation.


Daikoku Island Round Cruise 4, Human Torpedo !

by Kazu

I did not know that there was the hidden base of Japanese maritime force before in this island "Daikoku-jima".
Have you ever heard of  "human torpedo " that was a kind of suicide bomb torpedo operated by a human. It can be said that was a kind of "Banzai Attack" of human torpedo.
This area must have been off-limits to normal citizens of Akkeshi Town, I think..Hidden tunnels and some stock yard must be in this island.
It was ridiculous to oblige the normal citizens to be soldiers and to die for the nation in vain. But the novice soldiers headed to the front line of the war and devoted their lives and future for their beloved in the territory of Japan.
Even now, Japanese people have not learned expensive lessons from why the nation dived into the war and defeated. Nobody recognizes that there must be some people who are responsible for the total strategy for the whole nation.
Can you see some hole on the cliff near the sea level ? Small submarines that had bombs inside were in those holes at the end of World War Ⅱ.
It might be like DPRK to cheat the citizens for very few fat ugly "elite". But the spirit of Japanese nation is originally different from such pure egoism that is fully shown by our neighbors currently. Altruistic behavior must have been made the most of by some egoistic elites who pursued their fame and benefits. They did not care the total strategy of the nation and led the nation to the suicide parade like lemmings.      

Daikoku Island Round Cruise 3 !

by Kazu

Only a light house could be seen on top of the island "Daikoku-jima". Top quality pacific saury named "Daikoku Sanma" is caught around this island and shipped to the Metropolitan area Tokyo. Even the local fishermen might not be able to eat the top quality saury.
For the maintenance of the lighthouse few people were living on the island but after the electric power was introduced to this island via the cable on the seabed, nobody is on the island.
Largely, the seabed was covered with the quality kelp and water lettuce. So I was not intrigued in diving into the ocean. Just the fish of drab color could be seen under the water albeit they were so yummy.
The cliff is the best point for birds to make the nests. In order to fend off the attack of predators, the cliff is the best place to raise kids. So far, no sightseeing cruise tour is not arranged but that might be going to be one of the big draws in that area, I think.  


Daikoku Island Round Cruise 2 !

by Kazu

What the beautiful ladies on the boat saw was bunches of cormorants on the sea. They made their nest on the cliff of the island.
 We  could not see the seals on the beach where they usually lied on.
We left the best point to see the seals on the island and headed to the west end of the islan.
The white part on the cliff was the dried emitting of cormorants and shags.
Then we felt something was gazing at us from somewhere.
Can you see the heads of seals on the sea ? They watched us for a while. Were they wary of our moving boat ?
The seals seemed to be interested in our existence because it was not the time when human beings were around there. They did not scare us but we might have scared them.


My Little Boom around my condo !

by Chis.

My hubby has finished the annual total sweeping in our condo. I did nothing with regard to the sweeping called "Oh-Sohji" in Japanese. i have to finish my report for the graduation from the master course of public hygiene in Hokkaido University.
Above is the lighting surrounded by some small plants covered by white fluffy snow on the premises of our condo.
The cold beauties of the nature should be shared with your beloved, I think. Is that right ?


Daikoku Island Round Cruise !

by Kazu

The backside of the Island "Daikoku-jima"was so attractive but unfortunately, the round cruise was not sold as a big  draw of sightseeing in that area around Akkeshi Town.  
 It can be said that we were so lucky to see such a scenery that could not be seen by normal tourists.
Usually, Ringed SealBearded Seal,
and Weddell seal on the beach
can be seen from this point.
 But we could not see that at that moment. We all were ready to shoot.
Something could be seen on the surface of the ocean..
"What's that ?", shouted one of the ladies.  Some ball-like objects were on the sea.


The very best of happiness for you all ! Merry Christmas !

by Chis.

Merry Christmas !

As the major white illuminations in Hokkaido and other part of Japan must have been posted on the web automatically, I would like to introduce this tree decorated with LED light bulbs in front of the Institute for advancement of higher education on the premises of Hokkaido University.
It is turned off during the blizzard and heavy snowfall because almost nobody enjoy the beauty in such situation.

I could see the illuminated tree on my way of jogging tonight.  The design and layout of the light bulbs has got better year by year, I think..
Jogging on and around the premises of Hokkaido University is so comfortable and fantabulous. Please try to visit the northern end of the premises of Hokkaido University;)   if possible your beloved.  


Condolences to the friends !

by Kazu

This scenery could not be seen without the hard work of the ladies and the hospitality shown by Mr. Ishizaki. Namely, we were so lucky to see this hidden landscape because there was no sightseeing cruising around this island "Daikoku-jima".
Just the fishermen explore this area to pick up a variety of kelp and other kinds of the bless of the deity like Poseidon.
I hope the cruising tour will be well-arranged by the local entities and one of the most lucrative draw of Akkeshi Town.
It was too beautiful to tell about the tragedy around this area.
What do you think Mr. Ishizaki was gazing at ?
I think the people of ocean and the maritime forces know about this pose. A friend of Mr. Ishizaki fell from his boat and passed away. Mr. Ishizaki took the body of his best friend to Sapporo City for forensic medicine and that wore him down. He experienced stroke after his tough days, unfortunately.
Yes, he was extending his sincere condolences and friendship. I was not sure what he remembered.