The Gustatory Terminal "Conchiglie" in Akkeshi Town ②!

by Kazu

White-spotted char in other words
Japanese char swimming in the tank could be seen in Conchiglie, Akkeshi Town.
 The shells of the brand-name clam "Asari-emon" picked up in Akkeshi Bay and oysters were also displayed .
 Until decades ago, the bay were filled with the wild oysters as shown on the photo on the left and in the building of Conchiglie. That was amazing.
The building of Conchiglie had a small aquarium called "Petit".
This is the entrance of the aquarium.
We were treated to this Oyster Mocha ice cream that included condensed oyster sauce. Thank you so much,Mr. Kato ! We got the second wing before landing on the small island called "Kojima" where we would stay and experience so beautiful and hard days.
It was the time to rock'n roll !

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