Daikoku Island Round Cruise 3 !

by Kazu

Only a light house could be seen on top of the island "Daikoku-jima". Top quality pacific saury named "Daikoku Sanma" is caught around this island and shipped to the Metropolitan area Tokyo. Even the local fishermen might not be able to eat the top quality saury.
For the maintenance of the lighthouse few people were living on the island but after the electric power was introduced to this island via the cable on the seabed, nobody is on the island.
Largely, the seabed was covered with the quality kelp and water lettuce. So I was not intrigued in diving into the ocean. Just the fish of drab color could be seen under the water albeit they were so yummy.
The cliff is the best point for birds to make the nests. In order to fend off the attack of predators, the cliff is the best place to raise kids. So far, no sightseeing cruise tour is not arranged but that might be going to be one of the big draws in that area, I think.  

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