Start of the race and art !

by Kazu
All the boats for kelp-picking were set on the best point to picking up kelp between Daikoku Island and Kojima as well as around the two islands.
 The boat of Mr. Ishizaki dropped off tons of kelp and went back to his point to pick up the best quality kelp. It was so tricky to move the kelp from the boat to the carrier because the surface of the kelp was covered with slime to protect its body. "Do not grab the kelp ! Just hold and convey softly !" was the word from our mentor Mr. Ishizaki.
Depending on the kinds of the kelp such as "Ma Kombu", " Ohba Kombu, and "Oniba Kombu", the places to lay on were decided by the wife and the daughter of Mr. Ishizaki.
One hour and half later, they should be turned upside down for producing quality kelp to eat and for making broth.
 I bought the windbreaker for the three ladies because the attire would get dirty and smelling with the slime of the kelp. It was so tough to carry the kelp and lay on the beach. So it was like keeping squat more than one thousand times. But the work made kind of beautiful scenery of art on the beach.

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