The beauties on the small island !

by Kazu

Salt & pepper, salad oil, sugar and enough utensils were prepared for the residents on the island. It seemed a little bit too much for normal life of the residents but some kinds of event might be arranged in the community center.
Two fridges were available in the building but we used the one on the right side and filled it with foods and drinks for approximately a week just in case of extended stay on the island due to bad weather.
This was the room for ladies. They started to clean up the room and made it comfortable for the stay but the windows had no curtain
to hide them from outside.
 Just one channel was available on the boob tube in the room. The portraits of the leader of the community were displayed on the wall.
This was my room. Some boxes were left at the corners. A stove was laid but I was not sure if it worked or not. Anyway I didn't need it during our stay on the island.

It was beautiful, yes, absolutely the moment was one of the most beautiful,  beautiful seconds in my life. I hoped the ladies would remember the moment in some points in their lives and visit Hokkaido again.
The first day on the small island was being wrapped up with the perfect BBQ and situation.  

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