Landing on the small island !

by Kazu

Leaving the small port of Tokotan Area in Akkeshi Town, we were going across the best point for kelp picking and heading to the small island where only thirteen people, 6 households lived from June to October.
This small island had had a ballgame ground on top of the hill decades ago but the island got smaller gradually carved by winds and waves.
The landing area of the small island were protected by concrete blocks to calm the wave.
We moved the luggage from the boat and the kelp-carrier to convey to our small small accommodations on the island. That had been the elementary school of the island until decades ago and was used as the community center.
This dog below was named "Kinako" which meant soy-beans powder. She kept barking in so high tension during our stay on this island that she vomited after she came back to her house with Mr. Ishizuka's daughter.

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