The accommodations on the small island !

by Kazu

The beach of the small island was covered filled with clean small round stones to dry the kelp with sunshine there.
If somebody made the place ragged, the person had to make it flat for the drying procedure. That's the manner of the residents.
Some wood logs with lopes were placed on the beach to draw up the boat with the winch.
It had been very fine from the start of our stay in Akkeshi Town and so was it on the day.
Mr. Ishizuka carried our luggage to the community center without talking with us but he was ready enough to receive us all.
Daikoku Island could be seen clearly from "Kojima". The temperature was hot enough for me to dive into the ocean.
The utensils and the equipment were prepared much better than we expected beforehand. Even if it would be raining, we would be able to cook in the community center of the island.
Perfect !

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