Sapporo Art Forest 2, Art of Iron !

by Kazu

It was a so beautiful day that walking around in the art park was so comfortable and energizing. But we were searching for the works one of our friends made and displayed.

 The works my friend made was displayed in the area of Japanese traditional tea ceremony. The theme was the tools of Japanese traditional tea ceremony.
We found the building where the tea-ceremony displays were arranged.
The works made of pieces of iron by my friend are shown below. The frame is to cut out the beautiful scenery over there to show the hospitality of ceremony master. Other works are for the pot and the lid to rest. How do you like the arts ?

Sapporo Art Forest !

by Kazu

This art park is run by Sapporo City. It is so sophisticated art museum and open-air sculpture park.
An organic buffet restaurant is in the park. It seemed to be so popular and alluring so many citizens.
The spring in the veggie field is the name of the restaurant. When my late father-in-law had been a volunteer guide of the open-air sculpture museum, this restaurant was not in service yet.

A variety of events are arranged in this park all the year round and entertain the citizens and tourists from the other part of this globe. Pacific Music Festival is also held every summer and many people. It is at the south end of the city. Please try to visit there !


The protagonist of spring in my heart !

by Kazu

On the premise of Hokkaido University, a variety colors of Azaleas are in front of the Faculty of Engineering. Every year, they grabs my heart, to be honest.
 In the experimental field of the faculty of agriculture and agri-science, Japanese apricot trees shows a variety of countenances on the western side of the premises of Hokkaido University.
I am so wondering where the fruits of the Japanese apricots go every year. Are they be examined so much by the students of the faculty and be savored enough every year ? Anyway, I love these trees that show us beautiful blossoms every year.    


Before the beauty of autumnal foliage !

by Kazu

Shall we remember the beauty of spring that we savored enough several months ago ?
I am not sure if we would be able to be captured by the unbelievable beauty of autumnal foliage or not this year.
Even if not, we have to appreciate enough the grace of the deities of our island, I think.
Above is the Japanese apricot that is said the first beauty and bless of each year in Japan.
Lilac is on the right.  
Why do they show their best performance each year ? In order to attract insects ?  But many of them can not recognize the difference of the colors. In order to appeal to the human beings ?
Anyway, my favorite in spring is the azalea that entertains me every year as shown below.


Back to the city !

by Kazu

This time, I drove to Niikappu without my wife who has many relatives in that area. I brushed up the tomb stones of my wife's maternal ancestors, to be honest.
Actually, my wife said that she felt the difference between myself before the worship and later. I also felt myself treating myself much more kindly than before the greetings to her maternal ancestors.
Why ? Because all her ancestors in another world talked to me and inspired me to be better to her and obliged to remembering the time when I was eager to be with her at the risk of my everything. They speak to me so kindly.

Niikappu to Sapporo !

by Kazu

I remembered that I had to come back to my condo. in Sapporo City before my wife come back. I skipped soaking my body in the hot spring bath on top of the hill that is called "Record-no-yu".
On the lawn beside the river, so many cherry blossoms were blooming at the beginning of last May. Some citizens or tourists were enjoying "park-golfing". It was very comfortable afternoon of the weekend.
Remembering past spring and summer of this year, I think it is a pity that I could not enjoy camping and sleeping in he chorus of creatures this year. It is getting colder but we have not lost the chance to enjoy that this year. Would you plan the last camping this year ?


Good-bye Niikappu Town !

by Kazu

Could you imagine clearly the life of the race horses and the trainers  with the photos ? Many stories and dramas were produced in this town and some of the protagonists are still breathing there.
The future of them were over the training courses on the hills. It must be still over the courses. Some of the horses and riders on the horse-back will find their future there.
But it must require a hectic amount of all-out-efforts to be exerted for that, I think. It must be like strolling in the darkness, drafting on the ocean or straying in the forest. Just the courage make you step ahead;)


Horse Town Niikappu 4 !

by Kazu

To produce the quality race horses, the number of the horses existing on top of the hill may be limited and the horizon should be seen clearly to make the horses eager to run.
 Solar power generators could be seen far away. The clouds in the sky ran fast and showed a variety of countenances with their bright blue and white.
A small tunnel was under the road for automobiles. The largest in-house race-horse training course in Japan was over there. Even under the rainy sky,  race horses can make all out effort to become the real winner of the race. 


Horse Town Niikappu 3 !

by Kazu

Jogging around on the hill was so comfortable. I could not run fast like horses but feeling the wind from the ocean on the grass made me so  refreshed that I became eager to run faster than usual jogging in Sapporo City.
Horse-riding seemed to be so comfortable but this area seemed to be not for tourist but for the race-horses and their trainers.
I could not imagine the stoic life to be a race horse and the rider of the race-horses. But they would find their future o this hill,I thought.


Horse Town Niikappu 2 !

by Kazu

I was not sure that such large space for the race-horses and training facilities were on top of the hills of Niikappu Town. I supposed a variety of subsidies were thrown into the project to equip the facility on the hills.
It seemed that the race-horses could run on this hills as much as they wanted. "What do they think while they are running and watching the ocean?" I said to myself.
"Do they want to explore to the head of the cape that can be seen from the hill ?" and  " Do they want to get over the fence and know the world ?" , said somebody behind me. "The same kinds of enthusiasm may be grabbing your heart." he whispered.