Kijimaru-kun in Iwamizawa City !

by Kazu

It may be inspiring to have binge drinking with youngsters albeit I have to pick up the tab without going Dutch.
I throw a BBQ party in BBQ restaurant "Ton Ton Tei" in Iwamizawa on January 22(Wed.). I regret that I should have more occasions to talk with youngsters in my division about our business and life.  
 Besides, our division had a new year party in another BBQ restaurant "Kijimaru-kun" in Iwamizawa. It was in the outskirt of the city and the shuttle bus was available to go there from downtown.
This course costs 2,500 Japanese yen without drinks. We brought in drinks we liked.
 The starter was Caesar's salad and smoked salmon. Spaghetti Japonese and omelet followed an the main was fried pheasant. The amount of spaghetti was so huge that we had to bring them back in doggy bag. "Kiji" means pheasant in Japanese.
The restaurant is run by a social welfare facility.
The fried checken was flavored with curry powder. I failed to take photos of smoked peasant but that was most popular yesterday.
The URL of the restaurant is

Please try the pheasant dishes in Iwamizawa this weekend !


Fratello di Mikuni in Kamikawa Town 2 !

by Gen
Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

Again, these photos are from the official web site of Fratello di Mikuni at
I am not sure if I could call the restaurant "auberge" or not but anyway two villas are on the vast premises of Fratello di Mikuni in Kamikawa Town.
The skylines of Daisetsu Mountains can be seen from the villas.
The design of the interiors lokks so sophisticated and comfortable.
The food materials sourced locally play the critical role on the staage of food art.
These abalones are also picked up off shore of western coast including Rumoi.
Needless to say, the bubbly is  selected so carefully by the chef.
Would you have a special night with your precious in the restaurant ?
Walking around the building is another big draw to the auberge.
So nice and comfortable place to stay is her in Kamikawa Town.
Please try that but it requires patience to obtain the reservation to have a happy time there.


Fratello Di Mikuni in Kamikawa Town !

by Gen
Kamikawa Sub-prefctural Office of Hokkaido Government

First of all, these photos are from the official web site of this restaurant established by the owner chef Mr. Kiyomi Mikuni  at
 Mr. Mikuni was born in Masike Town, Hokkaido and he decided to become a chef when he was fifteen years old. After trained in Grand Hotel Sapporo, Teikoku(Empire) Hotel in Tokyo, he became the chief chef in the Embassy of Japan to Switzerland and learned under Monsieur Frédy Girardet. He compiled his experiences in Troisgros, Auberge de Lill, Loasis and other high-end restaurant that got triple stars in so-called "Guide Rouge".
Mr. Mikuni came back to Japan in 1982 and opened "Hotel de Mikuni" in Yotsuya, Tokyo. He played the role as the leader of chefs in G8 Treasurers Meeting in Fukuoka in 2002.
He arranged the sixth "Mikuni Fair" in the French restaurant Normandy of the most well-established hotel in Bangkok, The Oriental Hotel in 2007.
 The restaurant also has two villa on the premises where a movie film was made.
Well-experienced and skilled chefs are taking care of guests in the restaurant and show their arts.
 Is your mouth watering ?
I've never been to the restaurant yet because it is very difficult to make a reservation except for in winter.
 The restaurant has a nice view as shown on the right and below. Please visit the URL and the real Fratello in Kamikawa Town !


International Pushing Fight Championship on Chinese Pan in Shintotsukawa Town ! WAZIMA !

by Sorachi Sub-prefectural Office
 of Hokkaido Government

A curious championship battles were fought on the stage of snow festival held in Shintotsukawa Town on January 28. Each fighter has to sit on the Chinese pans which diameter is seventy centimeters.

The battles were shown to a large audience. The audience and the fighters seemed to forget the coldness on the snow because they concentrated to the fight.
It seemed so difficult to hit the balance on the round Chinese pan.
Please enjoy the snow and the season of white !


White decoration in Iwamizawa City !

by Kazu

Have I post these photos ?
It seemed that Iwamizawa City is loved so much by Goddess of Snow. Only forty kilometer distance makes the difference between the city and Sapporo.
All the trees were burdened with the sticky heavy snow and bearing with their yielding branch but the limit exists.
The rising sun started to give the color to the monochromatic scenery early in the morning. So -called "Magic Hour" is in the evening ?
Let's get the exciting week started !


Sapporo Chika-ho !

by Chis.

Ms. Ibaraki Prefecture and Ms. Tochigi Prefcture visited the event stage of the underground promenade of Sapporo City which is called "Chika-ho" and delivered Japanese apricot trees that are budding in their prefecture.
 The promotion characters of the prefectures were also playing their role to allure the passengers and remind them of the existence of their prefecture as well as the characteristics.
These are the posters for promotion of the movie film "Eternal Zero" the story of a Zero Fighter in the World War Ⅱ who was eager to come back to his family but was not successful to see his wife and daughter. I am not sure the relation between the two prefectures and the movie film but the aviation training facility of the zero fighters were in the prefectures.
It seemed that small people were in these mascot characters and I know it was tough job to play the role in the closed space.
Even the people in Hokkaido are longing for coming spring and fully flourished flowers in winter.
It will take three month to see the cherry blossoms in Hokkaido.
Before that, please enjoy the activities and the scenery in winter in Hokkaido !


The World's Yama-chan in Sapporo City !

by Chis.

Above is the flagship menu spicy fried chicken wings of "Sekai-no Yama-chan", Japanese Izakaya group headquartered in Nagoya City. The group has the branch even in Hokkaido and we visited the one in Sapporo City.
It seems that the black pepper works so much that my hubby did chug-a-lug of beer faster than usual.
 My favorite in the bistro is the shrimp-taste rice cracker called "Ebi-senbei" in Japanese.
As you may know, Nagoya Kochin is very popular as the high-end chicken for meat in Japan. Yama-chan opens all the year round. The digital menu common in Japan is at http://www.yamachan.co.jp/menu/index.php
I tried the head quarter bistro of this group in Nagoya City before and the quality of the dishes seemed to be kept even in Sapporo City. The fried chicken and the traditional rice-bowl called "Doteni-Gohan" is as so nice as the one in Nagoya.
"Doteni" is the intestine of pork or beef with Konjak, devil's tongue flavored with Aka-miso, red-colored fermented soy-beans paste that is so popular in Aichi Prefecture.
The URL of Yama-chan is http://www.yamachan.co.jp/

and the URL of Sapporo Branch is
Please enjoy the taste of Nagoya City inSapporo City !


Aburiya Lunch in Sapporo City !

by Kazu

The photo above may be too bright but the quality was so high and amply satisfied me who was eager to eat again "Makanai-don" which means the board for the kitchen staff and contains chopped seafood that had been so popular in the diner "Hirano-ya" near the Sapporo Central Market. Compared to normal sushi, it does not require to shape the sushi but the sense of taste should be keen to make it.      
My wife selected normal sushi set above that included buckwheat noodle and the quality and the amount satisfied my wife enough. The URL of the website for this restaurant is

Usually, I used this Japanese restaurant in the evening and savor the grilled food and fresh sea food with plenty of beer. The name of the restaurant "Aburi" means to grill. Please try that. The quality of the materials and the skill of the chef are guaranteed. Have a nice weekend !


Illumination in Hokkaido University !

by Kazu

I've never seen the illumination of LED light bulbs in Hokkaido University before but this year, a tree is decorated with light bulbs on the premises of the university.  It is near the north gate facing kita 18-jo street.
This power generator is creating the light as well as the noise in the night.
It may be making the hearts of the people warm a little bit in the night. Compared to the white illumination in front of the railway station of Sapporo City and Odori Park, this illumination is very small but gives some twists to the main street of the university.