A Japanese Traditional Tea Room built in the Condo. 2 !

by Kazu

My colleague has collected a variety of knives made by the indigenous people in Hokkaido AINU and they were exhibited in the waiting room for the guests to the Japanese  traditional tea party held in the tearoom in his second flat of condo.
The scabbards of the swords are made of wood and carved in relief that made up beautiful decorations.
This is the knife that my colleague allowed me to take out of the sheath. This knife was not made in the way Japanese traditional swords were made. I mean the traditional sword was made by sandwiching the comparatively soft iron like a razor with hardly-forged iron but this knife has no beautiful wave that can be seen on the surface of the Japanese swords.
my colleague has some Japanese traditional swords that were registered as the works of traditional arts on the list administrated by Hokkaido Educational Board.

This sword was made in the traditional way in Japan. Mr. Yagi was holding the sword for a while, allured by the beauty of the wave on the surface.

The textiles are also collected by our colleague. The patterns of the textiles may seem to be simple but the prices are ・・・・・・.

This is the plate of chocolate carved in relief. It was made inthe anniversary year of Ainu people. We ate up the chocolate in fifteen minute. I think it took hours to make this plate.  

The flat owned and made up by my colleague was like a small museum of Japanese and the indigenous people in Hokkaido.

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