The Alliance of Japan-Taiwan Friendship Associations !

by Kazu

It is with honor to inform you all that the Alliance of Japan-Taiwan Friendship Associations was established in last October and the party to celebrate that was held  in KEIO Plaza Hotel Sapporo on January 21(Tue.).
The Consul General of Taiwan to Sapporo City Mr. Chen gave an opening speech at the beginning of the party and requested all the Japan-Taiwan Friendship Associations to exert efforts to accelerate the economic exchange between the two regions because the percentage of trade between the regions were very little, compared to the total amount of trade between Japan and Taiwan.  
Considering the tourists from Taiwan to Hokkaido and Hokkaido to Taiwan, the percentage seemed to be so little that every participant was a little bit flabbergasted and seemed to vow to contribute to the active exchange between the regions.  

It seemed that one third of the participants were the members of House of Representatives and the Legislature of Hokkaido.
Mr. Reiichi Kato is the chair of Hokkaido Legislature and the president of Asahikawa Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association. He was so delighted to hear that many new Japan-Taiwan Friendship Associations were to be established.

The governor of Hokkaido Mrs. Harumi Takahashi also extended congratulations and gave a short speech.
Each members of House of Representatives elected from Hokkaido showed their presences after the speech of the governor.
Mr. Yoshitaka ITO was the first.
Mr. Toshimi Funahashi followed.
Mr. Manabu Horii was the third.
Ms. Miho Takahashi wrapped up the parliamentarians' speeches.
Mr. Takatomo Wada is the member of Hokkaido Legislature and the chair of this alliance and. He was very happy to play the role of this important post.

All the presidents of Japan-Taiwan Friendship Associations and associations to be established were on the stage and the president of Sapporo Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association Mr. Yusuke Kimura represented his fellows.
Director-General for Sorachi Subprefecture Mr. Yasunori Yamane happened to be invited to the stage despite he was only the fixer of the establishment of Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association.  

Mr. Chen greeted every participant to the party he threw.
Mr. Chen arrived in Sapporo and take the office in last August and did everything to activate the exchange between Hokkaido and Taiwan. I would like to extend my sincere "Congratulations !" to him.
Mr. Yamane, my superior was also happy because Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association would be established so earlier than expected before and he could report that to Mr. Chen.

I am so looking forward to seeing much more active exchange between the regions and the delegation from Sorachi to Taiwan as my former supervisor Mr. Akihisa Uchida, Ambassador of Japaan to Canada who passed away years ago wanted to see that !

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