For the future of Taiwan and Sorachi !

by Kazu

The Director-General for Sorachi Sub-prefecture, Mr. Yasunori Yamane visited The Representative office of Taiwan for Economic and Cultural Exchange in Sapporo City and paid a courtesy call to the Head of the office Mr. Chen on December 26(Thu.) 2013. The mayor of Bibai City Mr. Takahashi and the mayor of Numata Town Mr. Kanehira and Mr. Nara, the Chair of Sorachi Tourism Association accompanied with Mr. Yamane.  
 The director of the office Mr. Lee above supported the courtesy call.
Mr. Yamane reported to Mr. Chen on the establishment of Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association in a certain area to be activated soon and vowed to enhance the friendship and the exchange of people. The mayors and Mr. Nara also vowed to do exert an effort for that.
The mayor of Iwamizawa City Joined the courtesy call a little bit later than the opening. He also showed his ambitious to build up the win-win situation between Sorachi sub-prefectural area and Taiwan.  
 It is expected to see the delegation to Taiwan from Sorachi Sub-prefecture this year and Mr. Chen hopefully give them a good support for the success of the relationship.
In order to strike a balance between the continent and us islanders, it may be a good start for strategic development of both islands.
I am convinced that a small but significant start was completed and it leads to the magnificent success for both islands.

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