The World's Yama-chan in Sapporo City !

by Chis.

Above is the flagship menu spicy fried chicken wings of "Sekai-no Yama-chan", Japanese Izakaya group headquartered in Nagoya City. The group has the branch even in Hokkaido and we visited the one in Sapporo City.
It seems that the black pepper works so much that my hubby did chug-a-lug of beer faster than usual.
 My favorite in the bistro is the shrimp-taste rice cracker called "Ebi-senbei" in Japanese.
As you may know, Nagoya Kochin is very popular as the high-end chicken for meat in Japan. Yama-chan opens all the year round. The digital menu common in Japan is at http://www.yamachan.co.jp/menu/index.php
I tried the head quarter bistro of this group in Nagoya City before and the quality of the dishes seemed to be kept even in Sapporo City. The fried chicken and the traditional rice-bowl called "Doteni-Gohan" is as so nice as the one in Nagoya.
"Doteni" is the intestine of pork or beef with Konjak, devil's tongue flavored with Aka-miso, red-colored fermented soy-beans paste that is so popular in Aichi Prefecture.
The URL of Yama-chan is http://www.yamachan.co.jp/

and the URL of Sapporo Branch is
Please enjoy the taste of Nagoya City inSapporo City !