Shoan in Bibai City again!

 by Kazu

Are you getting hungry ?
These are the twos top of a diner in Bibai City. I think I've introduced this diner named "Shoan 匠庵" before but I've got to know the most popular lunch set in the diner.
 Above is one of the tops, Kakiage-don, a rice bowl topped with fried veggies and seafood called Kakiage. The special sauce that contains broth strikes the balance with the flavor of fried veggies and seafood as well as the top quality rice sourced locally.
This is chicken cutlet covered with half-fried egg with broth on the rice.
Hot buckwheat noodle soup or cold noodle accompanies with those rice bowl. The reasonable price is another reason to allure the people.
 The diner is beside Route 12 but the entrance is facing west. Please do not use the entrance facing Route 12 which leads to the kitchen area of cooking school upstairs.
Chicken rice is another biggest draw in the diner but I prefer the one made in another diner Shirakaba in Bibai City, to be honest.
1-1, Minami 7-chome, Higashi 1-jo, Ohdohri, Bibai City
Saturday, Sunday and holiday:11:00~19:00(通し営業)

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