Fratello Di Mikuni in Kamikawa Town !

by Gen
Kamikawa Sub-prefctural Office of Hokkaido Government

First of all, these photos are from the official web site of this restaurant established by the owner chef Mr. Kiyomi Mikuni  at
 Mr. Mikuni was born in Masike Town, Hokkaido and he decided to become a chef when he was fifteen years old. After trained in Grand Hotel Sapporo, Teikoku(Empire) Hotel in Tokyo, he became the chief chef in the Embassy of Japan to Switzerland and learned under Monsieur Frédy Girardet. He compiled his experiences in Troisgros, Auberge de Lill, Loasis and other high-end restaurant that got triple stars in so-called "Guide Rouge".
Mr. Mikuni came back to Japan in 1982 and opened "Hotel de Mikuni" in Yotsuya, Tokyo. He played the role as the leader of chefs in G8 Treasurers Meeting in Fukuoka in 2002.
He arranged the sixth "Mikuni Fair" in the French restaurant Normandy of the most well-established hotel in Bangkok, The Oriental Hotel in 2007.
 The restaurant also has two villa on the premises where a movie film was made.
Well-experienced and skilled chefs are taking care of guests in the restaurant and show their arts.
 Is your mouth watering ?
I've never been to the restaurant yet because it is very difficult to make a reservation except for in winter.
 The restaurant has a nice view as shown on the right and below. Please visit the URL and the real Fratello in Kamikawa Town !

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