Heading to Mt.Tokachi(dake) !

by Kazu

It's a pity that I can not introduce this hidden place but believe me. You can have a quality time with your beloved filled with the very best of happiness.
 Anyway, I drove to the hillside of Mt. Tokachi(dake) with my wife yesterday. It was so fine and the skyline was so nice.
A plenty of snow was left on the hillside of the mountains even at  the beginning of summer.
The crater of the volcano was erupting steam and gas with the smell of sulfur. I felt something spooky on that day. I got to know what was the butterfly in my stomach as you may know.


Wrapping up !

 by Kazu

It seemed that xiǎolóngbāo was the most popular in that party. Many of the sweets were still left on the table.
Most of the sauteed cubic veggies with gravy-like sauce was left at that moment but almost all of the dish was taken away and eaten up.
The party menu should be changed monthly or quarterly and made the most of the quality food materials sourced locally.
It seemed to be so hard and tough to run the kitchen of the top quality hotels and accommodations like restaurants, bistros and restaurants. Each staffer should work so hard to give the excellent memory to the guests.
Mr Fujita wrapped up the party with the grace and love.  

What we had in the party thrown for Hokkaido Canada Society !

by Kazu

 These dishes were on the table for the buffet dinner after the annual meeting of Hokkaido Canada Society.
 Prince Hotel  Sapporo contributed so much because the entity makes the point of having events in this hotel.
The buffet was the mixture of Chinese, Japanese and occidental cuisine. I could not take photos at the beginning of the party, so I post the photos taken in the midst of the party.
You can imagine the quality of the dishes, considering what was left on the dishes.  Special treat was given to the society from the hotel I think.  


Hokkaido Canada Society !

by Kazu

The annual meeting of Hokkaido Canada Society was held on May 21. The top brasses from various kinds of business area got together and the activities arranged by the society was reported in the meeting.
Mr. Fujita,
the President of the society delivered the speech at the beginning of annual meeting and the first secretary of Canadian Embassy in Tokyo also gave us nice information.
The annual meeting was held in a convention hall of Sapporo Prince Hotel.
A present was given to the guest speaker. Mr. Fujita handed it to him from the embassy.
Needless to say, special party was thrown in the next room. The menu was special treat for the society.
Everybody in Hokkaido loves Canada and Canadian people and the love crystallized in such meeting but the members are aging like other entities for international relations.


Sushi Bar "Natsume" in Akarenga Terrace" !

by Kazu

We took our guests to this Sushi Bar " Natsume" in newly-opened "Akarenga Terrace" Building.
The lunch set was three thousand Japanese yen plus tax.
Ten pieces of sushi, the appetizer of steamed egg pudding flavored with chicken and fish broth, and small salad was the contents of the lunch set.
The street paved with red bricks can be seen from the window of the sushi bar.
I was wondering when and where  we would meet again. In Busan ? or Sapporo City in winter ? Anyway, we will raise the glasses next time somewhere on this globe.

Tanaka Brewery in Port City Otaru !

 by Kazu

I am very sorry for failing to post the photos of the brewery's appearance. It remains the old taste designed when the brewery was established.
"River of Treasure" may be the direct translation for  the name of this sake that got the first prize in the competition of Japanese sake.
Yes, the name is "Takara-gawa".  
The warehouse of the brewery is called "Kikko-Gura".Kikko means the shield of turtle.
This is the certification of the first prize in the competition. I've not tried this sake so far but the next week I will buy one and post the report on the taste.


Please remember Hokkaido including Otaru City near Sapporo City !

by Kazu

Even at ten o'clock in the morning , very few tourists were strolling around the main street  of one of the most popular spot of the city.
 We dropped by one of  the most famous brewery in Japan including Hokkaido Island, as you may know.Fermentation is one of the most important part of the procedure to make Japanese sake as well as our lives.
This is not the museum but tourists can see each phase of making sake in the brewery. Needless to say you can buy sake that won the first prize in the competition in Japan.


What a beautiful day !

by Kazu

Something is happening on the street in front of  the old office building of Hokkaido Government called "Aka-Renga" in Japanese that means "The Red-Brick".    
 The Fire Department of Sapporo City has a brass band and it played some tunes on the street today. It was so nice to listen to the music under the blue sky.
This street is also between the newly opened building "Akarenga Terrace" and "Nihon Seimei Sapporo Building".
"Nihonseimei Building Sapporo" has a very nice ice cream shop run by GODIVA" I chose vanilla.
 My wife chose "Double Chocolate".
I dropped by "Ohdohri Park" to take some photos of annual "Lilac Festival".
 Sapporo Orchestra also played some tunes near the Culinary Delights Corner of the festival. You can savor the very best of the culinary delicacy sourced in Hokkaido until tomorrow.

Our Friends from Busan, Korea !

by Kazu

I took the guests from Busan, Korea to Shukutsu Horn in Otaru City and took photos at the lookout. I was so pleased with their smile filled with satisfaction before shopping.
 This is my favorite place to visit frequently in Otaru City. I was so happy to have time to take them to this place during their excursion.
When we left Sapporo City, it was so cloudy but once we enter the area of Otaru City, the blue sky and ocean welcomed us so kindly.
 Every time I visited this point, it gave me the most appropriate situation and scenery for the occasion. Thanks, deities of that area !